Kutztown University of Pennsylvania Department of Music

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Department of Music
MUP 231-235 (Ensemble) and MUP 236-254 (Private)
Private and Ensemble Instruction in Applied Music
Approved by Department: November 4, 2003
Course Description
Instruction one half hour per week in voice, keyboard and orchestral instruments. This instruction will be offered
consistent with student demand, availability of faculty and facilities.
One semester hour.
Course Objectives
To provide students with an opportunity to increase their skill in their performing medium. To include
instruction in tone production and tone quality, improvement of intonation, problems of respiration and
articulation, standard and alternate instrumental fingerings, types and styles of bowing, transposition, improved sight
reading, techniques of memorization, effective methods of musical practice, increase of range and dynamic contrast,
interpretation of embellishments, accents and melodic line.
To apply musical techniques appropriate to individual musical selections.
To develop a solo repertoire.
To foster musical performance and consistency of interpretation in the small ensemble.
To develop an awareness of musical literature for the solo performer and small ensemble.
To consider stylistic questions in relationship to music of specific composers and eras.
To analyze and evaluate musical works of high artistic merit
To evaluate the works of other performers, and to develop and refine the aesthetic response.
To learn world instruments through guest studio classes given each semester.
Assessment of each student’s level of accomplishment with reference to the course objectives will be based upon the
1. Regular performance in individual lessons/rehearsals through oral and written critiques, with respect to
preparation, technical advancement, general musicianship, and repertoire learned, among others.
2. Attendance at performance labs and on-campus concerts and performances.
3. Quality of performance in studio master classes, performance labs, student recitals, and ensemble
4. Performance in end-of-semester jury for private applied courses. A panel of faculty members will
prepare adjudication sheets of the student’s jury including grades. The student’s teacher will compile the
information and determine a final semester grade. The jury sheets will be kept in the student’s permanent
record in the music office.
The following are representative reference and instruction books for the voice, and keyboard and orchestral
instruments. These and others are used according to their applicability to the needs of the student.
Instructional Resources (reference books)
Bunch, M. Dynamics of the Singing Voice. NY: Springer-Verlag, 1982.
Marshall, Madeleine. The Singer’s Manual of English Diction. NY: G. Schirmer, Inc., 1946.
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Brass Anthology. Evanston IL: The Instrumentalist.
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French Horn
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Instructional Resources (instruction books)
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String Base
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