Organization Name: Kutztown University Foundation
Address: P. O. Box 730, Kutztown, Pa 19530
Peron Responsible for Grant Administration: Dr. Terre Sychterz
Title: Professor
Phone: 484-646-4167
Describe the measurable goals for the project, including benchmarks for success:
The goal of the Kutztown University Children’s Literature Conference is to increase the
knowledge of teachers, librarians and school children and inspire them with the desire to learn
through literature. Our goal is to reach more teachers, librarians and students by offering an
increasingly better program, which includes bringing well-known and award-winning authors to
provide an opportunity for conference participants to work with leaders in the field. Success will
be indicated by the number of invited schools that attend the school presentation, the
attendance of the campus community, and the number of participants for the one-day
conference. In addition, evaluations will be solicited to determine how well the program meets
the needs of the attendees.
Report the organization’s success in reaching those goals, including data indicating that you met these
We met the goal of bringing well-known and award winning authors and illustrators to the
conference. Linda Sue Park is a Newbery Medal Award winning author, Beth Krommes and
Jerry Pinkney are both Caldecott Medal Award winning illustrators, and Pat Mora is a Pura
Belpre Award winning author. Participants at all events had the opportunity to hear the
presenters speak, ask questions of the presenters and meet the presenters to get books
autographed by them.
The number of invited schools that attended the school event was eleven with a total of 1,051
students. The attendance at the campus community event was 412 and the number of
participants at the one-day event was 130. Goals were reached for the school presentation and
campus event as we had over 1,000 children attend and over 400 college students and faculty
hear inspiring presentations by outstanding authors and illustrators. The attendance for the fullday event was down by approximately 20 participants from previous years. A copy of the
evaluation form and results are attached.
Provide a short narrative of the implementation of this project, including the involvement of other
agencies or organizations:
Day one consisted of three presenters presenting to local school children in three different
venues on campus, which provided tremendous outreach directly to the children in an intimate
setting. One presenter even passed her Caldecott Medal around the room for the children to
One conference presenter visited a Communication and Design class on campus. In the
afternoon, one of the authors visited the Elementary Education Department’s Early Learning
Center on campus. These visits provided additional benefits to the campus community and
increased collaboration among colleges and programs.
In the afternoon, there was a presentation to the Kutztown University community at no cost to
participants. Attendance numbers were 412. There was great value in the presentations for the
Kutztown University community. The presenters offered the Kutztown community diverse
experiences with literature and art, as well as insight into various cultures and ethnicity.
Day two was an all day conference, from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm, for in-service teachers and
librarians. The four authors/illustrators presented. There was also New Book Sessions and
autographing. The number of participants who attended the public conference was 130,
providing outreach to the community beyond our campus. We drew participants from all over
Pennsylvania, New Jersey and one participant from Vermont. (A schedule is attached.)
Involvement of other agencies or organizations:
Committee Structure: The structure of the committee is unique in that it involves faculty
membership from the various colleges on campus, as well as local in-service teachers and
librarians. We even have teachers and librarians from New Jersey on the committee.
Kappa Delta Pi, an educational honor society, provided each school that attended two
autographed books for their school library.
The Department of Communication and Design made a donation of $500.00 to help cover the
cost of Jerry Pinkney ($7,500), who spoke at one of their classes in the morning.
The Dean of the College of Education paid for a luncheon for the committee members and
Provide a summary of the lessons learned from this project, including any unanticipated positive or
negative results:
A copy of the evaluation results is attached. The event was highly successful at all levels. The
school event met all expectations, as did the campus community event. Enrollment for the fullday conference was lower than any other year. In speaking with the presenters, as well as
discussion at our follow up committee meeting, we recognized areas where we can improve and
extend ourselves.
First, it was suggested by Beth Krommes and Linda Sue Park that we contact The Society of
Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and ask to publicize our event and get their mailing list.
Other contacts include Philadelphia Writers Organization, Writer’s Club of Delaware County and
Children’s Reading Roundtable. On the evaluation form, a participant suggested some other
groups to contact in the Chester County area. This would hopefully entice more participants.
The Children’s Literature Committee decided to focus on inviting presenters from Pennsylvania
to help limit transportation and hospitality costs.
The committee will also look at adjusting the schedule to three presenters rather than four as
suggested by a participant.
Is the project for which you received funding complete?
Yes. The project was completed on April 16, 2011.
What portion of the grant funds provided by the Anne M. and Philip H. Glatfelter, III Family Foundation
were used for the project?
All monies were used to pay presenters ($7,000).
If no, when do you expect the project to be completed? N/A
What portion of the Foundation funds remain to be spent? N/A
Does this project require ongoing funding? If yes, please describe how funds will be raised to fund its
This project will need continual funding. For 2012, our current budget will be able to support
payment of three authors within a $10,000 budget. This means we will recruit local authors and
illustrators to present. In this way, we will not have the cost of airfare and extra lodging. The
Dean of the College of Education will fund the luncheons. We will try a more aggressive
publicity campaign, as mentioned above, to attract more participants at the one-day event,
which will increase the monies brought in through registrations. We will continue to look for
grants and sponsors to help supplement the budget.
I certify that the Kutztown University Foundation has not used any portion of these funds for any purpose
other than the purpose stated in the grant application. Further, no portion of these funds has been or will
be sued to carry on propaganda or otherwise attempt to influence legislation, to influence the outcome of
a public election, to carry on a voter registration drive, to make a grant that does not comply with I.R.C §
4945(d)(3) or (4), or to finance an activity for any purpose other than the charitable purposes stated in
I.R.C § 170(c)(2)(B).
Chief Executive Officer, Recipient