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March 14, 2004
Report for Media: Multinational
Interim Force-Haiti
MIAMI -Following are significanteventsandactivitiesof the Multinational Interim Force (MIF) and associated
U.S. agenciesduringthe last 24hours:
Presence Patrols:
.The Multinational Interim Forceand Haitian NationalPolice (HNP) continueto conductpresence
patrolsto stabilizethe securitysituationthroughoutPort-au-Prince.All patrolswere conducted
successfullywithout incident.
Security Assessments:
.The MIF-H continuesvisits throughoutHaiti conductingsecurityassessments
and providing security
assistanceto Haitian governmentofficials.
Stability Operations:
MIF-H Officials and representatives of other U.S. Government agencies
continue to coordinate with Haitian authorities to restore stability and the rule of law.
commercial air carriers have resumed flights into Haiti.
commercial activities are increasing as are pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
collection and street cleanups, although still sporadic, have resumed.
officials are using local media to urge people to refrain from carrying arms until new permitting
processescan be implemented.
.Presence patrols continue activities in support of disarmament and to protect Haitians from acts of
Force Statistics:
currentlyconsistsof morethan 2,700troops,andincludesabout1,740U.S., morethan 510
French(not including about300 FrenchNaval personnelin CaribbeanWaters,)morethan 325
Chileans,and morethan 125Canadians.
.Six U.S. UH-60 and two CH-47 transporthelicoptershavearrived in Port-au-Princeairport from Joint
TaskForce-Bravoin Honduras.Theseaircraftprovidethe MIF medicaland transportcapability
Mfairs soldiershavearrived in Haiti andareestablishinga Civil-Military OperationsCenterin
Port-au-Prince.Thesesoldierswill work with internationalagenciesandHaitian leadersin the cities,
towns andcommunitiesto improvelife in Haiti andto coordinatecivil-military operationswith local
Haitian officials.
.U.S. military airlift in supportof the MIF-H total More than95 flights to date,carryingU.S. military
troopsand suppliesinto Haiti.
Migrant Interdiction:
Departmentof HomelandSecurity's CoastGuardDistrict 7 continuesmigrationinterdictionand
rescuepatrolling, more detailsat: httQ://
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