KU Commission on the Status of Minorities


KU Commission on the Status of Minorities

Distinguished Service Award Nomination 2012-2013

This award is designed to honor Kutztown University faculty (2), staff (1), and students (1) who excel in one or more of the following criteria:

1. Promote cultural competence and responsiveness

2. Promote an environment of cultural acceptance and inclusion

3. Demonstrate leadership in addressing and/or supporting multiculturalism and retention

on campus

Nominee: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Nominee Email: ______________________________________________________________________________________

Nominee Campus address, if known: ______________________________________________________________

Nominator: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Nominator Email: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Nominator Campus address: ________________________________________________________________________

Please provide a brief description of why this person should be considered for this award. Note that this should focus on how the individual has gone above and beyond their assigned duties as a faculty or staff member, or the involvement of a typical student. Please include the following points in the narrative:

Describe how the nominee met the criteria above (1-3). What role did this person play within the past two years to be considered for this nomination? Please limit nomination to 200 words or less.