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Q: I want to
commute from home, does that
automatically get me out of my
A: No, there is no “automatic”
release. Once a student has signed
the Housing and Food Service
agreement, the student is bound to
its terms.
Q: What if I am creative in my
reason for requesting to be
released, or provide false
A: The university will verify
residence and student status.
Should a student be found to have
provided false information to the
university, they will be held
responsible for the financial terms
of the agreement and will face
university disciplinary action for
furnishing false information to the
Q: I am a transfer student and will
complete 60 credits during the
term of the agreement. Will I
automatically be dropped from
A: No, transfer students who have
active housing agreements must
apply to be released from the
remaining portion of the agreement.
Q: How will I receive notice of the
A: The decision will be mailed to the
address provided to the university
on your request to be released.
Information may not be released
over the telephone, by email or to
a third party. Students may
request to pick-up a copy of the
letter or have it emailed to their
university email account.
Q: If my request is denied, may I
appeal the decision?
A: Instructions for appeal options
are outlined in the letter of denial.
Residence Life and Housing
150 Perry Lane - Lawrence Towers
Edinboro, PA 16444
Fax: 814.732.2314
[email protected]
Understanding the
Housing and Food
Release Request
Campus Residency
Edinboro University
remains unwavering in
its commitment to
student success and
believes that a firm
foundation for academic
and personal excellence
is achieved through the
residential experience.
The intent of the
campus residency
requirement is to ensure
that each single, full-time freshman student is
provided with a suitable educational and
learning environment which will foster the
successful completion of academic pursuits,
personal maturity and personal development.
Research and experience have consistently
demonstrated the integral role residence halls
play in these areas.
POLICY: All single, full-time, dependent
students who are not commuting from the
home of a parent or guardian that is within
50 miles of the campus are required to live in
university owned or affiliated housing for four
consecutive semesters (excluding summer
sessions) or until they have completed at
least 59 credit hours. Transfer students
entering the university with less than 59
credit hours completed will be required to
remain on-campus for two consecutive years
(excluding summer sessions) or until they
have completed 59 credit hours.
[Policy A26: Campus Residency Requirement]
Consideration for release…
Edinboro University recognizes that from time-to
-time situations in student’s lives change, and
where a student resides may be part of that
change. At the same time, students are bound
by university policy and by the Housing and Food
Service Agreement that they sign.
Considerations for exceptions will be reviewed
and may be granted through the housing release
request process for the following reasons:
 The student becomes a custodian of, or
guardian for, a minor or incompetent
 The student has medical needs and/or
disability which, in the opinion of the student
and the university, can more conveniently to
a substantial degree, or can in a substantially
better fashion, be accommodated outside of
the residence halls. Nothing in this
paragraph may be taken to relieve the
university of any legal obligation it might
have to accommodate a medical need or
 Student is able to document financial
exigency; or
 Any other reason deemed appropriate by the
Director of Residence Life and Housing or the
Vice President for Student Affairs.
Submitting your request...
Release request forms may be obtained
from the Residence Life and Housing Office
in Lawrence Towers. Completion of the
form, failure to pick up a key, or entering
into another enforceable lease does not
absolve the student of the financial
requirements of the Housing and Food
Service Agreement. Students are
encouraged to provide complete and
accurate information regarding their
circumstances. It is important that students
provide adequate documentation to provide
for complete review of requests. Students
must include all supporting documentation
when submitting the request to be released.
Once the student has entered into an
agreement, there are no guarantees of
release from the financial obligations of the
housing and food service agreement. The
university reserves the right to assess a
financial penalty for early termination of the
agreement, should a request be granted.