Annual Giving Report
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
The alumni, faculty, staff and friends of Edinboro University who make up its leadership
giving societies provide meaningful support to EU’s mission and to its students.
Through contributions at all levels, Edinboro University is able to provide scholarships,
enhance resources for learning, provide experiences that enrich campus and community life,
and support activities such as travel and research that have high impact on student success.
The University community owes a great debt of gratitude to these individuals, families, corporations
and organizations that supported our commitment to excellence and student success in 2014-15.
NOTE: This report reflects giving for the fiscal year July 1, 2014, through June 30, 2015.
Every effort has been made to provide the most accurate information possible.
Royal Stewart Society ($10,000 or more)
Dr. William P. Alexander
Mr. Anthony E. Buba, ’71, and Ms. Janice L. McMannis-Buba
Mr. Terrence J. Carlin, ’74, and Mrs. Jerri C. Carlin, ’75
Mrs. Kathleen M. Davies, ’75, and Mr. Thomas A. Davies, ’76
Anonymous Donor
Dr. R J. Erion**
Mrs. Kathleen R. Finger, ’71, and Mr. Keith Finger
Mr. Robert H. Hagle
Mr. Edward C. Hatton, ’65
Mr. Dennis D. Howard, ’74, and Mrs. L D. Howard, ’73
Mr. Vincent Kinnane
Dr. George E. McCallum, Ph.D.*
Mr. Joseph R. Mineo, ’73, and Mrs. Joyce R. Mineo, ’75
Mr. Harry J. Pappas, ’60, and Mrs. Jean Pappas
Anonymous Donor
Dr. Patrick J. Santelli, ’62, and Mrs. Patricia Santelli
Mr. Thomas Stanko and Mrs. Rena Stanko
Ms. Jessie N. Thompson
Mrs. Lorraine M. Vitt and Mr. Hillert Vitt
Mrs. Thelma T. Wolfe*
Dr. Mike S. Zafirovski, ’75, and Mrs. Robin Zafirovski
Bianchi Motors Inc.
Boeing Company
Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.
CMI-Promex, Inc.
Cradle Gear
Curly Halmi Memorial Athletic Scholarship Fund Committee
Eberle’s Physical Therapy, Inc.
Edinboro University Alumni Association
Edinboro University Foundation
Edinboro University Services, Inc.
EIJ Restaurants, Inc.
Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority
Erie Women’s Fund
Estate of Julia Wood-Smith
EU Athletic Department
EU Highlands Catering
EU Sports Memorabilia Auction
EU Student Government Association
EU Super Bowl Raffle
Faculty Professional Development Council
First National Bank of Pennsylvania
Great Lakes Case & Cabinet Co, Inc.
Lake Erie Biofuels, LLC. dba Hero BX
Levitetz Family Foundation, Inc.
National Writing Project
PA Pre-K Counts Program
Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union
PNC Bank
Porreco Nissan, Inc.
Scott Electric Foundation Inc.
The ChairScholars Foundation Inc.
The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation
The Erie Community Foundation
Universal McCann
Dress Stewart Society ($5,000-$9,999)
Dr. Rita M. Bean, ’63, and Dr. R T. Eichelberger
Ms. Donna E. Douglass, ’72, and Mr. David W. Bennett, ’76
Dr. Michael J. Hannan** and Mrs. Laurie V. Hannan, ’95
Mr. Tom Kaspick
Mr. Robert J. Lowther, Jr., ’77, and Mrs. Carrie Lowther
Ms. Donna L. Nicholas
Mrs. Joanne M. Rapp, ’58, and Mr. James R. Rapp
Mr. Robert Redfield
Mrs. Margaret Richardson, ’68, and Mr. Albert S. Richardson, Jr.
Dr. Nathan P. Ritchey** and Mrs. Mary Ann Ritchey**
Mr. Darrell E. Stoner and Mrs. Susanne K. Stoner, ’07
Mr. Matthew J. Thayer, ’86, and Mrs. Staci F. Thayer
Dr. Julie E. Wollman** and Dr. Dan L. King
Arts Council of Erie
C & J Industries, Inc.
Erie Regional Airport Authority
FNB Wealth Management
Goodwine Foundation Inc.
Greater Erie Economic Development Corporation
Helping Hand for Erie County
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Mabel Hamlett Trust (PNC - Trustee)
Marquette Savings Bank
National Fuel Gas Company
Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference
Plyler Enterprises, Inc.
Stanley Security
Swartz Foundation Trust
The Merwin Foundation
Three B Saloon
Travaglini Enterprises Inc.
TW Promotions
UTZ Quality Foods, Inc.
Wesbury United Methodist Community
Wolves Club of Erie
Old Stewart Society ($2,500-$4,999)
Mr. Douglas D. Anderson, ’81, and Mrs. Lori A. Anderson, ’82
Mr. David M. Babins
Ms. Janet L. Bowker, ’84**
Mr. Arthur Budzowski, ’56, and Mrs. Bonnie Budzowski, ’56
Anonymous Donor**
Mrs. Barbara G. Cahalan, ’75, and Mr. Joseph Cahalan
Dr. Mary Jo Campbell
Dr. Donald H. Dilmore, Jr.** and Mrs. Miriam E. Dilmore
Mr. Richard C. Gates, ’80, and Mrs. Nancy Gates, ’81
Dr. Mary Alice Green and Dr. Herald D. Green
Mr. Daniel E. Higham, ’70, and Mrs. Dolores Higham
Dr. Jerra L. Jenrette** and Ms. Patricia A. Hillman**
Mr. Tom Jones
Mr. Joseph A. Palka, Jr., ’74, and Mrs. Susan Palka, ’77
Mr. Dennis D. Ranalli, ’74, and Mrs. Mary Ranalli
Mr. Mark H. Samples, ’99
Ms. Maria J. Schall, ’97
Ms. Jacqueline K. Scheppner
Dr. Harry Wollman
Dr. Renata B. Wolynec and Mr. Bernard Werner
Altair Real Estate Services
Atlas Pressed Metals
Connoisseur Media
Erie Insurance Group
Gaudenzia Grant
Great Lakes Elementary Wrestling League
Jefferson Educational Society
Kim Clark Memorial Fund
Laborer’s Local 603
Lamar Advertising
LiveText, Inc.
Matt Furey Family Foundation
Our Lady’s Christian School
Roth Marz Partnership, P.C. Architects
Scott’s Corporate Services, Inc.
The National Collegiate Athletic Association
US Bronze Foundry and Machine
Hunting Stewart Society ($1,000-$2,499)
Mr. Eugene B. Antley
Mr. Bruce R. Baumgartner** and Mrs. Linda Baumgartner
Brigadier General Mark A. Bellini, ’79, and Mrs. Carol Bellini, ’79
Mr. Paul M. Belosh, ’69, and Mrs. Kathy L. Belosh
Ms. Allyn L. Berger, ’68
Mr. Henry C. Brevard, Jr.
Mr. Guilbert L. Brown**
Mr. Steven M. Burke, ’98
Mr. John J. Cafaro
Dr. John A. Calderone, ’70, and Mrs. Dorene Calderone
Mr. Robert M. Callahan and Mrs. Sandra Callahan
Dr. Dennis C. Condon, ’61
Dr. Amy Cuzzola-Kern and Mr. B S. Kern
The Honorable Kathleen Dahlkemper, R.D., ’82, and Mr. Daniel
Mr. Thomas F. Dillon, ’75
Mr. Denis M. DiLoreto, ’69
Colonel Joseph F. Flynn, USMC, and Mrs. Lois A. Flynn
Mr. Christopher J. Fuller, ’99, and Mrs. Melissa K. Fuller, ’99
Mr. Mark N. Gallagher, ’77, and Mrs. Sarah Gallagher
Mrs. Sherri A. Galvin, ’87,** and Mr. Daniel Galvin
Mr. David R. Gates, ’73
Dr. Brian Gear, PA, ’92
Ms. Carol C. George
Colonel Edward A. Glowatski, USAF, ’59, and Mrs. Sandra Glowatski
Mrs. Susan H. Hagen*
Mr. John R. Hennip, ’73, and Mrs. Susan C. Hennip
Mr. Scott A. Henry and Dr. Linda L. Henry
Mrs. Ellen M. Hey and Mr. John Hey
Mr. Mark L. Honeycutt and Mrs. Pamela K. Honeycutt
Mr. John E. Horan and Mrs. Julia A. Horan
Mrs. Margaret Hulsinger
Dr. Thomas A. Jambro, ’63
Mrs. Jean F. Johnson
Mr. John S. Jones , ’67, and Mrs. Nancy A. Jones
Mr. Kevin C. Kantz, ’73, and Mrs. Barbara Kantz, ’94
Mrs. Lisa M. Keating** and Mr. Christopher Keating
Dr. Naod Kebede**
Ms. Kimberly A. Kennedy, ’88,**
Mr. James W. Kirk, ’74, and Mrs. Deborah Kirk, ’91
Mr. Edward D. Kirkpatrick, ’67
Mrs. Julia J. Knowlton Adair and Mr. William Adair
Dr. Henry W. Lawrence** and Mrs. Mary-Clare Lawrence
Ms. Laura Leete, ’72
Mr. Charles E. Lodge, ’52, and Mrs. Helen D. Lodge
Mrs. Patricia Magdik, ’69
Dr. Francis K. Mainzer and Mrs. Joan H. Mainzer
Mr. Dominick J. Masciantonio, ’79
Mr. W. K. McCauley, ’72
Dr. Robert B. McConnell and Mrs. Mary J. McConnell
Mrs. Miriam R. McKinley
Ms. Tina M. Mengine**
Dr. Mark R. Minichelli, ’86, and Mrs. Julie E. Minichelli, ’94
Mr. Mark F. Moosa , ’80, and Mrs. Marlene A. Moosa , ’81
Mr. Jack E. Neff, ’66, and Mrs. Mary Jo Neff
Mr. David M. O’Dessa, ’61, and Mrs. Janet O’Dessa, ’62
Ms. Tomoko T. Okuda, ’66
Ms. Kathy L. Pape, Esq., ’75, and Mr. Robert P. Trinkle
Mrs. Kimberly A. Paris, ’99, and Mr. Joshua C. Paris, ’97
Mr. William J. Peterson
Mr. M P. Philley, Esq., ’74, and Mrs. Monica Philley
Mr. Gordon L. Purdy and Mrs. Amy J. Purdy
Mr. Richard C. Railsback and Mrs. Sandra Railsback, ’83
Mr. Anthony Rinella, ’00, and Mrs. Angela Rinella
Mr. Robert A. Rosenfeld, ’70, and Mrs. Linda D. Rosenfeld
Mr. James P. Ross , ’90, and Mrs. Rebecca Ross
Dr. Nancy S. Rung, M.A., ’70
Dr. Kahan L. Sablo**
Mr. Richard Scaletta, ’80, and Mrs. Judith L. Scaletta, ’81
Mr. Harold C. Shields, ’67, and Mrs. Stephanie Shields
Mr. Thomas H. Shifflet, ’95, and Mrs. Alice Shifflet
Mr. Jared M. Skemp, ’00, and Mrs. Jenell Skemp
Dr. R A. Snow and Ms. Kathy T. Iorio, ’91
Mr. William P. Starr, ’53, and Mrs. Mary A. Starr
Mr. Michael Steele
Mr. John C. Swope, ’77, and Mrs. Deborah S. Swope, ’77
Dr. Sarah Tambucci, ’68
Mr. LaRue E. Taylor, ’57, and Dr. Beverly Taylor
Mr. Richard W. Thompson
Dr. Lisa M. Unico**
Mr. Christopher G. Vaidean, ’84, and Mrs. Bonnie Vaidean
Mrs. Kathleen M. Walker, ’75, and Mr. Ron L. Walker
Mr. James D. Watson
Mr. Mark S. Wilson, ’81, and Mrs. Gen C. Wilson
Ms. Emily J. Wollman
Dr. Robert J. Zanotti, ’59, and Mrs. Winnie L. Zanotti, ’62
AC - Coach Operations, Inc.
Ainsworth Pet Nutrition
ASICS America Corporation
AT & T Foundation
Bonded Services Corporation
Clan Stewart Society in America, Inc.
Clifton Automatic Screw Machine Products
Comfort Suites Edinboro
Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc.
Dahlkemper Landscape Architects and Contractors
Dymun + Company
East Stroudsburg University Foundation
Erie Federal Credit Union
Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority
Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership
GM-TRI, Inc.
Greater Erie Community Action Committee
Housing Authority of the City of Erie
Innovation Erie
James F. Drane Bioethics Institute
John Gillette Memorial Fund of the Erie Community Foundation
Knox McLaughlin Gornall & Sennett, P.C.
Liberty Mutual
Nexstar Broadcasting Inc.
Olympia Sports
Pfizer Foundation
Precision Paving Inc.
Pyramid Consulting Group, Inc.
Rebich Investments
The Culbertson Foundation
The David S. Gifford Fund of The Erie Community Foundation
Times Publishing Company
Titanium Fabrication Corporation
UPMC Health Plan
Vantage Home Medical Equipment & Respiratory Services
Virginia Tech Foundation, Inc.
WJET 24/FOX 66
Mr. Benjamin Bennett
Mr. Thomas H. Bennett
Mrs. Elaine V. Bercik and Mr. Edward M. Bercik
Dr. Alan J. Biel** and Mrs. Lizette Biel
Ms. Marianne Bordogna, ’75
Mr. Patrick Brauen
Mrs. Susan K. Breon and Mr. J D. Breon
Mr. Matthew B. Brown, ’77, and Mrs. Imogene M. Brown
Mr. Eric Brugel and Mrs. Nina L. Brugel
Mr. Michael J. Cardarelli, ’73, and Mrs. Marleen R. Cardarelli, ’79
Mr. Steven O. Carpenter, ’89,** and Mrs. Diana L. Carpenter
Mr. Jerry E. Cass, ’67, and Mrs. Cheryl L. Cass, ’68
Ms. Julie A. Chacona**
Mr. Michael P. Chornack, ’77
Mr. Michael J. Chriest, ’66
Mr. Gerald F. Cline, Jr., ’86
Mrs. Georgia L. Colangelo, ’83, and Mr. Frank Colangelo
Dr. Steven C. Combs** and Ms. Kerry A. Causey**
Ms. Linda L. Cooke
Dr. Hilary L. Copp** and Mr. Robert Von Thaden
Mr. Dennis W. Creehan, ’71, and Mrs. Linda Creehan
Mrs. Ruth M. Davis, ’66
Mr. David Dean
Mrs. Elizabeth Doucette
Mr. Nathan E. Everhart, ’85, and Mrs. Sandie L. Everhart
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
(current and retired)
Highlander Society ($500-$999)
Dr. Edmund Abegg
Dr. James M. Abraham, ’82
Ms. Linda Arbuckle
Mr. Dennis W. Atkin and Mrs. Valerie D. Atkin
Mr. Andrew A. Baird, ’90, and Mrs. Cynthia Baird
Mr. Gary E. Barbour and Mrs. Kristin A. Barbour
Dr. Michael Barnes, ’93
Dr. Heather-Lee M. Baron, ’96,** and Mr. Brad Baron
Mr. Frank D. Barron
Mr. Robert G. Baumgartner
Mr. John D. Bavaro** and Ms. Suzanne M. Proulx**
Mr. David W. Beltram, ’60
in total
(current and retired)
Mr. Karl Falk and Mrs. Christine Falk
Mr. J T. Faller, ’80, and Mrs. Laurie L. Faller
Mrs. Susan H. Ferrone, ’66, and Mr. Charles A. Ferrone
Mr. William R. Freas, Jr. and Mrs. Clare S. Freas, ’67
Mr. Torsten L. Gillespie, ’11
Ms. Deborah L. Gillette
Dr. Carol A. Gleichsner** and Mr. Richard E. Gleichsner, ’73
Mrs. Janine C. Gmitter
Ms. Marilyn K. Goellner, ’01**
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Grau and Mr. James Grau
Mr. Dean D. Hall, ’88, and Mrs. Karen A. Hall, ’88
Mr. Stephen C. Hazlewood, Sr., ’60, and Mrs. Carolyn Hazlewood
Mr. David J. Herbe, ’81, and Mrs. Theresa A. Herbe
Mr. Jeffrey L. Hileman**
Mr. Charles W. Hippo, Jr. and Mrs. Linda A. Hippo
Ms. Judith R. Hunt, ’63
Mr. Charles J. Iannello, ’64, and Lt. Col. Paula Jean Iannello
Dr. Joyce A. Jagielo**
Colonel Heinz H. Johnson, USAF, ’51, and Mrs. Priscilla Johnson
Mr. Mitchell J. Kallay, ’90, and Mrs. Lynn Kallay, ’91
Dr. James R. Kennedy, ’72, and Mrs. Wanita Kennedy
Ms. Patricia J. Kennedy, Esq., ’85
Mr. Matthew R. King, ’04
Mrs. Judith W. Kubeja** and Mr. J M. Kubeja
Mr. Dennis G. Kuftic, Esq., ’73
Dr. Erinn D. Lake, ’92,** and Dr. Richard Brozewicz, D.D.S.
Ms. Janel M. Levin
Dr. Sidney P. Lipman and Mrs. Karen Lipman
Mr. Norman L. Lobins and Mrs. Jacqueline L. Lobins
Mr. Daniel Magee, ’86
Miss Charlotte M. Mainon*, ’96
Ms. Philomena V. Mantella and Mr. Robert H. Avery
Ms. Janet E. Mattes, ’63
Mr. James P. McBrier and Mrs. Jane McBrier
Mr. Robert B. McCorkle, ’69
Mr. Stephen T. Meli, ’89, and Mrs. Liane R. Meli, ’89
Mr. Homer M. Mershon and Mrs. Clemence R. Mershon
Dr. Scott E. Miller** and Mrs. Holly Miller, ’92
Dr. Charlotte J. Molrine, ’82,**
Dr. David C. Montefiori, ’78, and Dr. Nicole Jelesoff
Dr. Emily F. Morris, ’88, and Mr. Edwin K. Morris
Mrs. Marlene D. Mosco and Mr. Homer Mosco
Dr. Lawrence L. Moses , ’60, and Mrs. Kathryn N. Moses
Mr. Pascal M. Nardelli, ’70, and Mrs. Cynthia K. Nardelli
Mr. Mark L. Niswonger and Mrs. Patricia I. Niswonger
Ms. Joyce Overheim
Dr. Merrick A. Owen and Mrs. Dorothy A. Owen
Dr. Donald L. Panhorst and Mrs. Dorothy M. Panhorst
Mrs. Coleen G. Panko** and Mr. Paul Panko, Jr.
Dr. Richard A. Rahner and Mrs. Wilma Rahner
Mr. James E. Ravannack and Mrs. Jocel Ravannack
Dr. Cynthia E. Rebar** and Dr. Martin J. Mitchell**
Mr. Justin T. Reed, ’99, and Mrs. Katie Reed
Mr. Arnold A. Rhodes and Mrs. Gloria J. Rhodes
Mr. Henry T. Rish, ’67, and Mrs. Brenda K. Rish, ’69
Dr. Robert R. Rodak, ’76, and Mrs. Margaret Rodak, ’77
Mr. Lloyd Rogers
Mr. Lewis W. Rosselli, ’93, and Mrs. Amy L. Rosselli, ’92
Ms. Stacia C. Ryan
Mr. Richard S. Sabo, ’65, and Mrs. Gail Sabo
Mr. Nils R. Schroder, ’64, and Ms. Karen Kay
Mr. William G. Sesler, Esq. and Mrs. Cecily A. Sesler
Mr. David J. Sheneman, ’64, and Mrs. Cheryl Sheneman
Reverend Mark J. Skertich*, ’67
Mr. Donald D. Smith, ’59, and Mrs. Beverly L. Smith
Mr. Thomas G. Smith, ’69, and Mrs. Barbara Smith, ’68
Mrs. Christine Snyder, ’78, and Mr. David Snyder
Mr. Timothy J. Stambaugh, ’83
Dr. Janis L. Stamm
Mr. John S. Sullivan, ’73, and Mrs. Rebecca Sullivan, ’75
Dr. Theresa Thewes and Mr. Thomas M. Thewes, ’98
Mrs. Susan C. Thomas
Mr. Bernard A. Twardowski, ’58
Mr. Lee A. Underwood** and Mrs. Cherie L. Underwood
Mr. Joseph A. Veverka, ’82
Mr. Gregory L. Walcavich and Dr. Maureen A. Walcavich
Mr. Mark V. Wallace, ’86, and Mrs. Alison Wallace
Mr. Neil R. Waxman, ’79, and Mrs. Constance B. Waxman, ’79
Mr. Matthew J. Weber, ’03
Mr. Brent A. Willey and Mrs. Mari T. Willey
Mr. Richard M. Wukich, ’65
Mrs. Carole A. Wurster and Mr. Jerry Wurster
Mr. Colin T. Wylie, ’79, and Mrs. Mary Ann Wylie, ’77
Dr. Andrea Wyman** and Mr. Richard Wyman
Mr. M Q. Zahorchak, ’87, and Mrs. Marybeth Zahorchak
Mr. Bruce A. Zylstra
BlueTree Capital Group LLC
Buffalo Bills
Chael Sonnen, Inc.
Deiss & Halmi Engineering, Inc.
Edinboro Beverage Distributors
Edinboro Hotel, Inc.
Edinboro University Campus Bookstore
Erie Beer Company
Erie City School District
Erie SeaWolves
EU Friends of the Library
Fine Print Commercial Printers, Inc.
Friends of Jay Breneman
Golden Key Institute
Gray Family Foundation of DuBois
Harbor Resources LLC
J.F. Machining Co., Inc.
Joe B’s Carpet Connection
John Krol VFW Post 6773
Mammoth Inc.
Mammoth Restoration and Construction
Marketing Engineers of Ohio
McCarty Printing Corporation
McCorkle’s Irish Acres
Morgan Stanley
NY Yankees
Orthopaedic Surgeons, Inc.
Pizza Hut
Schmitt Family Dental
Sewickley Heights Golf Club
Sundance Retrievers
Teleplex, Inc.
The Pittsburgh Foundation
USA Wrestling
Walker Bros. Buick - Chevrolet, Inc.
Piper Society ($250-$499)
Mrs. Sallie Acton, ’70, and Mr. David Acton
Mrs. Jessica G. Albert, ’04,** and Mr. Nathan D. Albert, ’02
Mr. J M. Albert, ’84, and Mrs. Valeri J. Albert
Ms. Pamela D. Alesky, ’81
Mr. James C. Alexander III, ’73
Mr. Francis X. Altiere III, ’78, and Mrs. Desiree A. Altiere, ’77
Mrs. Julie A. Arotin, ’87, and Mr. Patrick P. Arotin
Mrs. Janet S. Ashe, ’69, and Mr. Richard P. Ashe
Ms. Patricia A. Baldwin, ’78
Mr. Lawrence M. Bauer III, ’70, and Mrs. Donna Bauer, ’71
Mrs. Catherine Bedow and Mr. Ron Bedow
Mrs. Brenda Bennett and Mr. Ron Bennett
Mr. Robert J. Benz, Jr., ’84, and Ms. Lara A. Edge
Mr. Brent Berger and Mrs. Amy K. Berger, ’97
Mr. Albert Bevilacqua and Mrs. Catherine Bevilacqua
Mr. Justin D. Bouch, ’06, and Mrs. Katherine R. Bouch
Mr. Scott Browning** and Mrs. Lynn A. Browning, ’88
Ms. Ann B. Bryceland, ’74
Dr. Michael Bucell** and Dr. Cynthia Legin-Bucell, ’75**
Mr. Joseph G. Cephas, ’06, and Mrs. Lindsay M. Cephas
Ms. Melanie K. Christie
Mr. James P. Cleary, ’99,**
Mr. James W. Como, ’67, and Mrs. Gertrude Como
Mrs. Eva Connor, ’59, and Mr. James H. Connor, ’59
Mrs. Margaret Corapi
Lt. Gary F. Cornelius, ’74
Ms. Rebecca L. Cornish
Dr. Jack L. Culbertson and Mrs. Rebecca A. Culbertson
Mr. Otha P. Davidson, ’95, and Mrs. Susan Davidson, ’93
Mr. Thomas Davidson and Mrs. Cari Davidson
Mrs. Patricia E. Diebold, ’82, and Dr. Foster F. Diebold
Ms. Deborah M. DiPlacido, ’78
Mr. Harold A. Donahue, ’91, and Mrs. Stacey Donahue, ’92
Mr. Jakim N. Donaldson
Dr. James F. Drane
Mr. Mark Eagen and Ms. Kathryn E. Gettinger
Mr. Albert G. Eaton, ’55
Dr. Charles A. Edwards and Mrs. Deborah Edwards
Mrs. Emily L. Evans, ’69, and Mr. Jeffrey W. Evans, CFP
Mr. Dennis A. Ewing, ’67, and Mrs. Nancy A. Ewing, ’70
The Honorable Philip M. Fatica, ’64, and Mrs. Kathleen Fatica
Mr. Paul M. Foust, ’58, and Mrs. Jacque L. Foust
Mrs. Geraldine R. Fox, ’94, and Mr. J J. Fox
Ms. Nancy A. Frambes** and Mr. Ronald A. Cole, ’07,**
Mrs. Amanda M. Frantz-Mamani** and Mr. Carlos Mamani
Mr. John W. Frombach, ’68, and Mrs. Elaine C. Frombach
Dr. Denise F. Gaines, ’71, and Mr. Michael Gaines
Mrs. Cindy L. Geddes** and Mr. Lawrence C. Geddes
Mr. James Gentile*, ’68
Dr. Melissa K. Gibson, ’92,**
Dr. David Giltinan and Mrs. Janice M. Giltinan, ’85
Mrs. Sylvia Glans, ’85
Mrs. Martha L. Goetz, ’66, and Mr. Robert C. Goetz
Dr. Kathleen M. Golden**
Dr. Deborah A. Good, ’72
Mr. Edward C. Goodman, ’73
Mr. Harry G. Gorton III and Mrs. Patricia A. Gorton
Mrs. Shari L. Gould, ’81,** and Mr. John Gould
Mrs. Mary L. Gourley, ’62, and Mr. Roy Gourley
Mr. Richard C. Graham, ’54, and Mrs. Jackie Graham
Mr. Steven K. Gramley, ’00
Reverend Lisa A. Grant, ’78
Mr. Barry J. Gray, ’05,** and Ms. Christine L. Troutman, ’73**
Ms. Heather Gray
Mr. Paul W. Greisheimer
Dr. Michael J. Hahesy, ’87,** and Ms. Paige A. Hanlon, ’85
Ms. Sarah Hale
Mr. Thomas D. Halmi, ’64, and Mrs. Diane C. Halmi, ’81
Mrs. Beth A. Harrison, ’80, and Mr. Fred Harrison
Dr. Robert B. Hass**
Mr. Brian C. Henesey, ’91
Mr. Donald Henry
Mr. Donald G. Herbe, Jr., ’77, and Mrs. Laura Herbe
Mr. Tyler S. Hersperger, ’10
Dr. Donald S. Hoffman, ’87, and Mrs. Linda Hoffman, ’75
Mr. William J. Hollenbeck and Mrs. Laura J. Hollenbeck
Mrs. Cathy J. Hovanes, ’69, and Mr. Joseph M. Hovanes, Jr.
Mrs. Pamela K. Hudson, ’89, and Mr. Mark Hudson
Mr. Thomas D. Hudson, ’68
Mr. Charles Ingram and Mrs. Emily Ingram
Mr. Scott A. Irlbacher, ’04, and Mrs. Anne M. Irlbacher, ’07
Captain Arthur Jarvis, USPH, ’49
Mr. Robert Jarvis
Mr. Todd V. Jay** and Mrs. Sarah B. Jay, ’90
Dr. Patrick R. Jones**
Ms. Simone Katzwinkel
Mrs. Linda E. Kightlinger, ’83,** and Mr. Paul B. Kightlinger, ’83
Mr. Darrin T. Kinander, ’01
Mr. Russell King, ’97
Dr. G J. Klausman and Mrs. Donna Klausman, ’73
Mr. Wallace J. Knox II and Mrs. Gloria Knox
Mrs. Kathy L. Kramer, ’79, and Mr. David A. Kramer, ’78
Dr. Vernon E. Kwiatkowski, ’70
Mr. Mark A. Lamperski, ’73, and Mrs. Barbara G. Lamperski, ’75
Dr. Georj L. Lewis, ’93, and Mrs. Anchelle Lewis
Dr. Peter V. Lindeman**
Mrs. Carolyn Link, ’81, and Mr. Ronald E. Link, ’82
Dr. Richard J. Lloyd**
Mr. Joseph Lodge, ’62, and Mrs. Sara Lodge
Dr. Ralph G. Longo, Jr., ’65, and Mrs. Jacqueline Longo
Mr. Shawn P. Loughlin, ’08
Mr. Robert J. Lowther III, ’10
Dr. Dennis Lupher, ’64
Mr. Michael J. Lynn, ’77, and Mrs. Kelly Lynn
Mr. Peter T. Machuga, ’64, and Mrs. Zohreh Machuga
Ms. Margaret A. Magrish, ’79
Mr. Gennaro Manocchio, ’88, and Mrs. Cynthia J. Manocchio
Mrs. Florence May, ’60
Mr. Timothy U. McCormick, Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth A. McCormick
Mr. Daniel O. McLaughlin*, ’58
Ms. Paula D. McMillin, ’75, and Mr. Robert McCracken
Mr. Daryl E. Mecklem, ’70, and Ms. Kathleen A. Howard
Mr. Ronald A. Miller, ’75, and Mrs. Karen Miller
Mr. Stephen R. Miller, ’74, and Mrs. Mary E. Miller
Mr. Joe Miller
Mr. Clifford W. Moore, ’11**
Ms. Janice R. Moore
Dr. Linda J. Mukina-Felker, ’74, and Dr. Kenneth R. Felker**
Dr. Elvage G. Murphy, Esq., ’87,** and Mrs. Janel Murphy
Mrs. Kathleen R. Naples, RN, ’85, and Dr. Nicholas Naples
Mr. Robert V. Nolan and Mrs. Dolores Nolan
Ms. Jennifer J. Norton, ’91**
Dr. Glenn W. Olsen, ’53, and Mrs. Joan Olsen
Dr. Mary E. Paniccia Carden** and Mr. Kevin W. Carden
Mr. James Parlin** and Dr. Elisabeth W. Joyce**
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
FY 2010-2011
FY 2011-2012
FY 2012-2013
FY 2013-2014
FY 2014-2015
FY 2010-2011
FY 2011-2012
FY 2012-2013
FY 2013-2014
FY 2014-2015
The Honorable Richard G. Payne, ’66, and Mrs. Patricia Payne, ’66
Dr. Charles Perrotta, Jr., ’80
Mr. Timothy W. Pilewski, ’80,** and Mrs. Regina Pilewski
Mr. James Pizzagalli and Mrs. Judy Pizzagalli
Mr. Kyle J. Ponsoll
Ms. Sydney Pontzer
Mrs. Lisa M. Pratt, ’98, and Mr. Stephen K. Pratt
Mr. Albert C. Price, ’73
Mr. Jon J. Pulice, ’90,** and Mrs. Tami M. Killough-Pulice, ’03
Mr. John A. Pulice and Mrs. Margaret A. Pulice
Dr. Anne K. Quinn** and Mr. Michael P. Quinn
Mr. Richard A. Rambaldo
Mrs. Janet S. Rao, ’66, and Mr. M A. Rao
Mr. Nikolas Rathmann
Mrs. Marnie M. Repasky, ’73, and Mr. Harold Repasky
Mr. Charles S. Resanovich, ’65
Mr. Christopher A. Rhodes, ’95,** and Mrs. Stephanie Rhodes
Mr. Steven M. Rinn, ’02, and Mrs. Angela Rinn
Dr. Katherine R. Robbins-Hunt** and Mr. Jonathan D. Hunt
Dr. James W. Roberts, Jr., ’93**
Ms. Laurie B. Root
Mrs. Alicia Ruhkala and Mr. Gabriel R. Ruhkala
Mr. William Sampsell
Mr. Michael A. Satira, ’79
Mrs. Susan M. Schleich, RN, ’86, and Mr. Kevin Schleich
Mr. Philip G. Schmalzried, ’81, and Mrs. Deborah Schmalzried, ’81
Dr. James R. Schmitt, M.D.
Mr. David J. Schuster and Mrs. Michelle L. Schuster
Mrs. Mary Schwartz, ’74, and Mr. Eric C. Schwartz, ’75
Ms. Betty R. Scott, ’59
Mr. David A. Seigh, ’75
Mr. Lawrence P. Shanda, ’74, and Mrs. Beth Shanda, ’76
Ms. Barbara R. Shannon, ’73
Mr. Jeffrey A. Shaw, ’77, and Mrs. Donna J. Shaw
Mrs. Nancy Sherwood, ’49, and Mr. Earl Sherwood
Dr. Roy E. Shinn, Jr., ’82,** and Mrs. Virginia Shinn
Dr. John P. Shontz, ’62, and Dr. Nancy Shontz
Mr. Bruce D. Skolnick** and Mrs. Janice Skolnick, ’95
Colonel Joel P. Sloss, ’69, and Mrs. Jeannie Sloss
Mr. Shawn Slother, ’92, and Mrs. Sonja Slother, ’92
Mr. John W. Snow, ’67, and Mrs. Patricia Snow, ’67
Mr. William J. Sopchak, ’53
Mr. Martin L. Sopher, ’75, and Mrs. Gloriann G. Sopher
Mr. Carlos R. Soto, ’02, and Ms. Theresa E. Marino, ’02
Mr. Jeffrey E. Spaulding, ’77, and Mrs. Debra L. Spaulding, ’77
Mr. Jed A. Starner, ’81, and Mrs. Janet Starner
Mr. James R. Stevens, ’85, and Mrs. Lisa Stevens
Mr. Terry C. Stewart, ’77
Mr. Martyn J. Stoddard, ’97
Mrs. Colleen S. Struebing and Mr. Thomas J. Struebing
Mr. William P. Tallarom, ’64, and Mrs. Joanne M. Tallarom, ’65
Ms. Pamela K. Teeter, ’83
Ms. Karen Tempalski, ’75
Dr. Timothy N. Thompson** and Mrs. Diana L. Thompson
Mr. Richard T. Thompson and Mrs. Donna J. Thompson
Ms. Mary L. Timashenka, ’80
Mr. Robert C. Tobin
Mr. David A. Tucker, ’88,**
Mr. Teagan Turner
Mr. Theodore S. Urban** and Mrs. Sandra Urban
Dr. William F. Urbanek, ’76, and Mrs. Diane M. Urbanek, ’76
Mr. Joseph B. Valvoda, ’05
Mr. Donald A. Walker, ’08
Mrs. Margaret V. Walker, ’87
Ms. Tracy M. Watson, ’86
Mr. Michael Wehler
Mr. Robert J. Wertz, ’02,** and Mrs. Kimberly A. Wertz, ’01
Dr. Thomas R. White, ’94**
Dr. Catherine A. Whitley**
Mr. John P. Widner**
Mr. James F. Williams, ’65
Mr. Ralph L. Wingrove, ’75
Ms. Suzanne M. Winterberger
Mr. Douglas S. Wood, ’06, and Mrs. Rita Wood
Ms. Kimberly A. Wright, ’83
Mr. Michael R. Zahorchak, ’64, and Mrs. Kathleen O. Zahorchak
Mrs. Beth A. Zewe, ’87,** and Mr. Michael R. Zewe
Mr. David M. Zewe, ’73, and Mrs. Karen Zewe
Dr. John F. Ziegler** and Mrs. Linda K. Ziegler
Dr. Brian S. Zimmerman** and Mrs. Heather Zimmerman
A.D. Montie Contracting, Inc.
Brozewicz Family Dentistry
Bruns Insurance Services LLC
Complete Wireless, Inc.
Country Fair, Inc.
EHCA Foundation
Environmental Remediation & Recovery, Inc.
Erie Maennerchor
Erie Sport Store
Flocasts, LLC
Gannon University
Getting to Clarity
GF Management
Horton’s Safety Training and Consulting, LLC
Kunkle Chiropractic Inc.
Moore Research Services, Inc.
Next Page Fitness
Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
Parker’s Gallery
PNC Bank
Port’s Sports Emporium
Red Shelf LLC
S&E Utility Contracting, Inc.
Susmarski Law Offices
Thayer Power and Communication Line Construction Co., Inc.
Wesleyville American Legion Carl Neff Post 571
**EU employee