Mobile Arm Costs

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Specialist Disability Service
Oxford Centre for Enablement
Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre
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The costs of the assessment and
involvement of staff are met, if
the client’s local Primary Care
Trust has a service level
agreement with the Nuffield
Orthopaedic Centre NHS Trust.
This will be checked before an
appointment is made.
If there is no service level
agreement an application will be
made to the client’s Primary
Care Trust.
Prior to completing an
assessment for mobile arm
supports, funding for this
equipment must be identified
and agreed. This is to ensure
that , if on assessment the
mobile arm supports are
appropriate, they can be
provided without any delay for
Please contact the centre for
up-to-date pricing for mobile
arm supports.
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Mobile Arm
A leaflet for professionals
This leaflet describes Mobile Arm
Supports which are provided by
Specialist Disability Service as part of
the Oxford Centre for Enablement at
the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre NHS
We are an experienced team of
people who offer a specialist
service for the management of
people with complex disabilities
and offer a service for the
assessment and provision of
Mobile Arm Supports.
We see people from all parts of
the country. Appointments are
usually carried out in the clients
own home but can also be done
at the centre.
A Mobile Arm Support can be
used to assist with functional
activities such as eating,
turning pages, using a
computer, and depressing
buttons on a telephone or
remote control.
The team comprises:
Occupational therapists,
physiotherapists and
rehabilitation engineers.
MAS are designed to:
Support weak arms in a
functional position.
Increase horizontal work area
available to the hand.
Provide some vertical
movement of the forearm.
Provide supination of the
To use successfully a
person needs:
 Minimal active movement of
the shoulder girdle & pain free
passive range.
 Some residual function in the
hands, or substitute
customised equipment such
as T bar with swivel spoon.
The assessment and
Once funding has been
agreed for the provision of
the equipment, the team will
complete an assessment to
determine how appropriate
the Mobile Arm Support will
If it is deemed to be
appropriate a kit will be
made up which may include
customised parts.
Instruction on its use and
maintenance is provided.
A review of the MAS can be
completed as required.
How to access the
Referrals can be made by
Social or Health Care
Referral forms can be
obtained by phoning
01865 227447 or from our
web site:
More detailed information
on the service is available
on request.