Project Mechanical Design and Industrialization of multicolor digital pen.

Mechanical Design and Industrialization of multicolor digital pen.
UPC team has developed, during last semester, a multicolor digital pen that
complies with:
- Holding 4 colors and 1 stylus
- Has an eraser
- Can be used for left and right handed people
- Can transmit analog color to digital
- There is already a prototype where the components have been leveraged
from Standard Digital Pen
Project Brief
This project consists in productizing the digital pen. In order to do so,
the pen should:
Improve Ergonomics and Industrial Design (haptics)
Minimize size of pen and components
Design power management UI of the pen
Propose materials taking into consideration manufacturing and material
Propose part design for manufacturing and assembly
Design for serviceability, for safety, environmental (ROHS compliance)
Design product end of life (how to recycle it)
Design an easy process to change color cartridges
Ensure eraser removes ink properly and safely.
Conducts feasibility, design margin and validation analysis and empirical
testing on new and modified designs.
2D/3D at part and assembly level
Functional 3D prototype (including all components)
Bill of Materials (BOM)
Name:Hewlett-Packard Española
Camí de Can Graells 1-21, Sant Cugat del Vallés 08174
Contact person:
Marina Talavera
[email protected]
9358 26796
Project team:
Number of students:
Students speciality:
 Business Management
 Mechanical engineering
 Electrical engineering
 Electronics engineering
 Chemical engineering
 Computer engineering.
 Telecommunications engineering.
 Industrial Design
 ………….