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Name: _____________
Grade: 2
1st Semester (2013-2014)
English Worksheet
Fill in the blanks with the suitable word
(pictures, friend, party, bike, paint)
1- I play with my _____________.
2- Mommy made a Birthday _________ for me.
3- We use the camera to take ____________.
4- I like to _______ a lot of pretty paintings.
5- My friend can ride his _________ very well.
(Always remember that adjectives describe the noun) I can know the adjective
by asking (How) the answer to my question is the adjective.
Put a circle around the adjectives in the following sentences
-He is a very tall boy.
-The teacher is feeling happy today.
-This worksheet is easy.
-The big elephant does not like the small mouse
(Pronouns have two types *Subjective Pronouns: I, he, she ……*
*Possessive Pronouns: my, his, her ……*
Fill in the spaces with the suitable pronoun:
This is _____ pen, it is for me.
This is Leila’s pen, it is ________ pen.
This is Ahmad`s pen, it is ______ pen.
_______ is my friend, her name is Salma.
_______ is my father, his name is Sami.
_____ am 8 years old.
Dictionary Skills:
Put these following words back to order (alphabetical order)
1- moon
2- watch
3- zebra
4- kitchen
5- smile
Reading Skills:
By reading (Best of Friends) write down few things you do with your best friends:
1- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------