Chabot College Basic Skills Committee (BSC) Meeting Agenda

Chabot College
Basic Skills Committee (BSC)
Meeting Agenda
November 30, 2010
12 pm – 12:50 pm
Room 1814
I. Call to Order (12:00-12:05)
Welcome and introductions
II. Committee Business/Announcements (12:05-12:15)
Planning for next semester
III. Presentation by Basic Skills projects (12:15-12:50)
Reading Apprenticeship – effective techniques in diverse disciplines
Jane Wolford, History Instructor, and Patricia Wu, Biology Instructor, have been using Reading
Apprenticeship effectively in their classrooms for more than a year. They will be teaching us
the techniques that have made the most difference in their classes. Learn and experience these
methods as students would!
PURPOSE of presentations:
• Study, discuss, and publicize results from all BSI/T3–funded projects What do our own best practices tell us? • Refine or add to Basic Skills Committee recommendations Besides encouraging students to take assessment and basic skills courses earlier, what else can we recommend to increase student success in basic skills? IV. Future Meetings
Tuesday, Dec 14
FIG Presentations - schedule
Final Planning for Spring 2011
V. Adjournment
´âáNEXT MEETING: Tuesday, December 14, 2010