Alpha Gamma Sigma State Scholarships Application to become a 2016 nominee A

Alpha Gamma Sigma State Scholarships
Application to become a 2016 nominee
As a chapter we can nominate up to 3 members for the state scholarships. We have an
additional nomination for a service award this year since we are hosting the 2016 Spring
Convention. There are two categories of awards, Service and Academics. If you would like
to be considered to be one of our Sigma Rho chapter nominees, please read and complete
the following packet. Do not let this packet scare you!
Nominee Packets must be received by 4:30pm on Mon February 1 by the club advisor Lisa Carlsen.
Phone: 510-723-7425 Office: 452-S Email:
Criteria for eligibility
 Currently in good standing with the chapter: Enrollment form, dues and service points are
current for this Spring semester
 Earned AGS membership for Fall 2015
 Have completed the necessary amount of college units for the type of award:
i) Service Awards: 30 semester units
ii) Academic Awards: 60 units of which at least 30 of those must be graded courses
 Have a current & cumulative GPA of 3.0 (Service Awards) and 3.75 (Academic Awards)
 Attendance at the State Conference is a mandatory requirement in order to receive the award
The nomination packet includes
The attached Nomination Information Form
Your Service Summary Sheet (see sample page)
A copy of your complete Unofficial Transcripts
An Essay for the category of scholarship that you are applying, service or academic
i. Service Awards:
1. Two-page statement answering the following prompts: What have you
contributed to AGS, the campus and community? And how has your
involvement with AGS affected you?
ii. Academic Awards:
1. A one-to-two page autobiographical essay that outlines who you are, your
academic success and your hopes to accomplish in the college and the future.
Do not include this page (page 1) with your packet - keep for your records. Make a copy of your packet
for your own records before submission. Please use paper clips in your packet where needed instead of
staples. Thank you.
Application for nomination………………..
Notification of selection…………………….
Nomination packet due to state ……….
AGS 2016 Statewide Conference……….
Mon Feb 1 at 4:30 pm to the Club Advisor, Lisa Carlsen
Wed Feb 10 (by phone, advisor or other committee member will notify selected nominees)
postmarked by Wed March 2 (TBD - this date may change)
April 8-10, 2016 in San Jose, CA (please be aware of registration deadlines)
Sigma Rho Chapter  AGS State Scholarships – application for nomination  Fall 2015  page 1
Nominee Information
Complete the following information. Please print neatly.
Today’s Date
I wish to be nominated for: (please circle)
-Service Awards
-Academic Awards
-Both Service and Academic Awards
Last Name,
First Name
Common Name, if applicable
Address (mailing address including city and zip code)
Phone #
Email Address
# of Units
Estimate Transfer/Graduation Date
Number of Semesters in AGS
Have you held any positions in AGS?
Current GPA
Cumulative GPA
Career Goal
Fall 2015
Number of Service Points earned
Spring 2016 so far
Please know that if you are selected as a nominee from the Sigma Rho chapter…
1. Nominees for the Academic Awards will require two letters of
recommendation (one from academic and one from non-academic). You
may want to give your letter-writers a courtesy notification that there will
be a short turn-around time for your letter.
2. There may be additional material that we’ll need to submit for the state
nomination process and this deadline gives some time to do so.
Sigma Rho Chapter  AGS State Scholarships – application for nomination  Fall 2015  page 2
Service Summary: Info & Sample
Create a list of your service to AGS, the campus and the community during the semesters you
have been a member of AGS. This list must summarize the major accomplishments semester by
semester, and give an overall impression of what you have contributed in each category (AGS, Campus
& Community). Include the total number of hours spent on your activities, which will match what’s on
file with our AGS chapter. Below is a sample of an organized and relatively easy-to-read Summary of
Service document. Feel free to modify the format slightly in order to contain your information to 1 -2
Service Summary of Peter Parker, Spring 2016
Service to the Sigma Rho Chapter
Spring 2015
Membership Orientation (Sept 23)
Chapter Meetings (3)
Gladiator Welcome Day Tabling (2 hours)
See’s Candy Planning, Selling and Purchase
Regional Conference – College of San Mateo
Purchased AGS shirt
Semester Total - 20
Fall 2015
Chapter Meetings
Officer Duties (Marketing Director)
Officer Meetings
Flea Market Shifts [March (3), April (5) and May (9)]
AGS State Convention in Ontario, CA
Semester Total - 61
TOTAL Hours to Sigma Rho Chapter
Service to Chabot College (This may include service with other clubs and Student Government)
Spring 2015
Volunteer with Foundation Gala Fundraiser (3 hours)
Volunteer Flea Market Clean-Up [April (2 hrs) and May (1 hr)]
Semester Total - 6
Senator SSCC
Volunteer with Student Veteran’s Organization Toys for Tots event
Semester Total - 19
TOTAL Hours to Chabot College
Fall 2015
Service to the Community
Spring 2015
AGS Canned Food Drive Planning (1) & Donation (1)
Light the Night Walk (3) and Fundraising (8)
Volunteer - Hayward Animal Shelter Holiday Parade
Semester Total - 19
Volunteer literacy tutor at the Hayward Library
Semester Total - 30
TOTAL Hours to the Community
Fall 2015
Sigma Rho Chapter  AGS State Scholarships – application for nomination  Fall 2015  page 3