School Night Powerpoint - AGS World History

Edward Tierney
Pre-AP World History
See for syllabus
and tons of information
Mr. Tierney grew up in Dallas,
attended Jesuit Dallas
Graduated from UT in
15 years of teaching
experience, all at
Austin High
One of the founding
members of AGS
Has taken over 500 students
to 12 different countries
The Roots of the Modern World
World History Units: Details on my website:
1. First Humans, First
Farmers, First Civilizations
2. Birth of Western
3. Birth of Eastern
4. Monotheistic Religions
5. Medieval Europe
6. Renaissance and
Reformation/Americas and
7. Age of Exploration
8. Scientific Revolution
9. Enlightenment and
10. Industrialization and
11. World War I
12. Totalitarianism and World
War II
13. Cold War and Modern World
To Know About Costa Rica
• Date: January 15-20, 2015
• All students expected to go. This is school.
• Students need passports- start the process
today if you do not have a passport.
• Estimated cost is $1700. Payments are due
June 3, September 3, October 3 and November
3. Scholarships available. We need help
Tools of the class
• Textbook: for
reference and
looking up terms
• Students keep this at
home. We have a
class set at school.
Student Notebook:
a collection of daily
work and
homework due at
the end of the unit
Tests are multiple
choice with a
study guide on
the website.
All writing is typed and
included in an Idea Book
which counts in all AGS
Rough drafts are checked to
make sure students are not
falling behind.
Class is structured, predictable
and organized
1. Due dates are announced at least 2 weeks in
2. Each unit is structured the same way to allow
for predictability
3. Study guides are available for tests
4. Website is a good supplement to the class
How parents can help their
1. Check the website for test dates.
2. Ask to see their ISN and Idea Book rough
and final drafts.
3. Call out terms before tests. Ask them to
explain the study guide.
4. Read their writing and give feedback for
5. Encourage students to attend tutoring
and seek help when they feel behind.
Tutoring is every day
at the beginning of
lunch. I want to help.