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17.06.03 11:00
Spices and cancer
Scientists now claim that the right food seasoning with spices can reduce the risk of cancer
Professor Rune Blomhoff of the university in Oslo is doing research on
the cancer protectively effect in spices. He explains: “The spice-plants
are full of antioxidants”.
Antioxidants can neutralize the harmful substances, the free radicals,
which oxidizes cells and tissue with damaging consequences. Rune
Blomhoff adds: “Oxidized cells are related to cancer and
cardiovascular diseases”.
In Rune Blomhoffs research it is the herbs that had the best results.
The antioxidant-rich spices were cloves, allspice, rosemary, thyme,
marjoram, saffron, estragon, oregano, and basil.
Spices are therefore, like berries and nuts, a fine supplement to the
daily prevention of oxidizing in the body. Half a teaspoon cinnamon or
oregano a day corresponds to the amount of antioxidants, which the
average Dane consumes daily. That means that just one more half a teaspoon will double ones
Source: Torben Bagge, B.T., 1. section, page 23, the 10th of June 2003.
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