Final Exam & Activities

English 102-CIN
Final Exam & Activities
Make sure all of your missing assignments are turned in by Dec 15 [email protected] midnight
Final Class
Our final class takes place Dec 15th from 8:00-9:50.
We will have a potluck this day.
Group Talk:
Each group will give a talk about their project.
Please share your topic, any interesting information you found, questions you have about the
project and any issues you all may be facing with the project. Use the intelligence of our class to
help you solve your challenges. Your “talk” should be about 10 minutes.
Final Exam
The final exam will be given on Blackboard and be available Tues, Dec 13 th- Friday Dec 16th. You
will have two hours to complete the exam and given two attempts.
Exam question: What is Octavia Butler’s message in Parable of the Sower? Your essay must be
500-600 words.
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