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Texas Tech University Academic Council Meeting of October 23, 2012 1:30 PM, Provost’s Conference Room AGENDA 1. Minutes of the September meeting (attached) 2. Study Abroad Course Equivalency Table (S. Crosier, E. McDaniel) 3. 2017 Academic Calendar (Jones; attached) 4. Proposed New Titles/Definitions for Graduate Student Teachers (Walls, Stewart; attached) 5. Course Approvals (Jones; attached) 6. Proposed New Degree Programs (Elbow) a. Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies (attached) b. Master's of Science in Professional Science (attached) 7. Proposed New Undergraduate Certificate (Elbow) a. Community Arts Entrepreneurship (Henry; attached) 8. Changes to Graduate Certificate Program (Elbow) a. Master Mentor Teacher Certificate (Burley for P. Johnson) 9. Announcing New Graduate Minor a. Cross-­ÔÇÉCultural Studies, Human Development & Family Studies (Huffman; attached) 10. Proposed New Student Learning Outcomes for the Multicultural Requirement (Elbow, attached) 11. Updates to Departmental Excellence in Teaching Award Review Protocol (Morse; attached) 12. Other Business/Topics 13. Announcements Adjourn by 3:00 p.m.