English 102 six G-Dog and the Homeboys,

English 102
Fall ‘12/ Zappa
First Essay: Summary-Response
Your first formal essay will include summary and response of the first six
chapters of G-Dog and the Homeboys, utilizing the skills we have been practicing
in your first short writings, summary and response. Because MOST academic
writing is focused on response of some kind, this area will comprise most of your
paper; center your response on one main point.
• Summary: This part of your paper answers the question, what does the
author say? Remember to use the handout from Chapter Four of Wilhoit’s book
as a guideline, showing an understanding of the five qualities of summary. Your
summary should be approximately one page long, no more than 1 and 1/4 pages,
so you’ll have to be selective and concise. You should include/ highlight those
points which you are going to write about in your response. Remember you must
cover the first six chapters, so there is little space for great detail.
Then, transition into the next part, the response; note that although these should be
separated by paragraph, they are NOT separate essays.
• Response: This part of your paper answers the question, what do you think
of the author’s ideas? You will express your thoughts about the reading you have
summarized. This means you will carefully select the points in summary to which
you will respond. In your response, you may use brief personal experience,
however, you must be sure that your central focus is on the reading itself.
Response should be two full pages, minimum.
Be sure to make absolutely clear which are the author’s original ideas and which
are your own, in response. Use 4 – 5 quotes from the text, no more than one in any
paragraph. ANY original language from the text MUST be properly quoted and
Draft: due TYPED at the BEGINNING of class, Thurs. Sept. 27th, 3-page
minimum 30 points
Final: due at the BEGINNING of class on Tues. Oct. 2, 3 pages (4, maximum) 70
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