Lucas A. Huezo

Lucas A. Huezo
Young engineer with 6+ years of experience in utilities engineering with an
emphasis on natural gas distribution including pipe replacement, meter set
design, pressure regulation, and standards compliance.
B.S. Degree in Civil Engineering
University of California, Berkeley , Berkeley, CA
Transfer Preparation
Chabot College , Hayward, CA
Pacific Gas & Electric Company, San Ramon, CA
Gas Eng ineer
May 2007
October 2012Present
Facilitated the publication of plastic and asset knowledge management
standards and procedures over the first six months of 2013
Effectively managed contractors and subject matter experts to develop high
quality content targeted at end users
Led a team of five on a focused skunk works project targeted at developing
effective guidance for the creation of as-built documentation and processing
Prioritized need for guidance documents based on safety and both internal
and external compliance commitments
Dealt with a wide range of stakeholders including field engineers, mappers,
maintenance and construction and general construction crews and directors
Presented information on updated standards and new products across the
company’s territory
City of Palo Alto, Utilities Engineering, Palo Alto, CA
Assistant Eng ineer
July 2006October 2012
Designed natural gas and water main replacement projects for distribution
as part of capital improvement programs using PE piping systems
• Performed design and analysis of gas metering, including selection of
equipment, for residential and industrial customers
• Managed installation and construction of new gas transmission to
distribution pressure regulating stations throughout the city
• Prepared various specifications and procedures to ensure compliance with
Department of Transportation regulations
• Assisted with formulation of new Distribution Integrity Management Plan
in compliance with new DOT regulations
• Assisted with creation of new, innovative standards for HDPE pipe use in
water distribution applications
• EIT Certification, Certificate No EIT 137244
• Topobase, AutoCAD, Enterprise GIS, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft
PowerPoint, Visio, Adobe Photoshop
• Ability to work adapt to changes and work effectively under pressure
December 2009