Chabot College Fall 2007

Chabot College
Fall 2007
Course Outline for Philosophy 65
Catalog Description:
65 - Introduction to Philosophy: Theory of Knowledge
3 units
Primary works of philosophy in the areas of knowledge, truth, and thought. Systematic analysis of
documents that constitute the major statements in the theory of knowledge—the functions of
reasoning, intuition, and sense experience. (Formerly PHIL 4) 3 hours.
[Typical contact hours: 52.5]
Expected Outcomes for Students:
Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to:
1. describe and evaluate major representative philosophical statements drawn from the area of
philosophy that deals with questions of knowledge, truth, and thought;
2. distinguish various methods of philosophical inquiry, as demonstrated in particular works of
consequence to give the student experience in following through logical arguments to his/her
Course Content:
1. Key concepts and theories found in primary (philosophers' own “statements" or works) and
accessible secondary texts.
2. Primary readings that deal with conceptions of knowledge, truth, and thought drawn from a range
of meaningful philosophical statements from classical to contemporary times.
Methods of Presentation:
1. Assigned reading
2. Lecture
3. Discussion
Assignments and Methods of Evaluating Student Progress:
1. Assignments
a. In a researched speech or essay, explicate why Locke and Hume disagree about how we know
b. In a short paper, take a position as either a realist or an idealist and explain what your position
c. In a small group discussion, create and post on the blackboard for large group discussion, a
brief summary for why Aristotle disagrees with Plato (why he is a realist) and identify one key
argument Plato might make to Aristotle (to prove Aristotle wrong)
2. Methods of Evaluating Student Progress
a. Class participation
b. Oral presentations and written essays
c. Quizzes and examinations
Textbook(s) Typical:
The Menon, Plato, Mentor, most current edition
Discourse on Method, Descartes, Macmillan, most current edition
Lovers of Wisdom, An Introduction to Philosophy, Daniel Kolak, Wadsworth Press (2001)
Special Student Materials: None
PDS:kh Phil65 Revised: 12/4/06