Appendix E: Proposal for New Initiatives (Complete for each new initiative)
How does your initiative address the college's Strategic Plan goal, or significantly improve student
Through innovative programs, services and meeting federal and state mandates, it improves student
learning and achievement.
What is your specific goal and measurable outcome?
Providing access to high quality, youth oriented marketing materials that are tailored for college
students and distribute in the health center as well as on campus through Student Health 101 Online
magazine, brochures, educational materials, etc.
Goal: Implementing student health 101 online magazine at the student health center website
As part of the 2009 Stimulus Act, the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (HIT) was
mandated to update regulations to require utilization of an electronic health record for each person in
the U.S. by 2014. In other words, under this new HITECH Act, by 2014 it will be mandatory to use
EMR/EHR for all patients. In complying with this mandate, the student health center is proposing to
implement an EMR system to begin this Fall 2013. Implementing an EMR system can: a) improved
patient care and providers’ ability to make better-informed decisions, b) reduced storage necessary to
keep paper charts, c) aggregated patient data that makes it easier to share with multiple providers, d)
accessible records from remote locations, e) portability between various clinics in a healthcare group, f)
continuity of care and, g) centralization of health history.
Goal: To purchase the mandated EMR software and converting the clinic to paperless system thus
protecting the student health information and to comply with federal/state mandate requirements.
What is your action plan to achieve your goal?
Activity (brief description)
Student Health 101 Online magazine be available to Chabot
Website for student’s access
Find appropriate vendor for EMR software
Fall 2013
Required Budget (Split out
personnel, supplies, other
How will you manage the personnel needs? No
New Hires:
Faculty # of positions
Classified staff # of positions
Reassigning existing employee(s) to the project; employee(s) current workload will be:
Covered by overload or part-time employee(s)
Covered by hiring temporary replacement(s)
Other, explain
At the end of the project period, the proposed project will:
Be completed (onetime only effort)
Require additional funding to continue and/or institutionalize the project
(obtained by/from): Grants and co-curricular funding
Will the proposed project require facility modifications, additional space, or program relocation?
Yes, explain:
Will the proposed project involve subcontractors, collaborative partners, or cooperative agreements?
Yes, explain: Collaborative agreement is needed between Valley Care and Chabot
Do you know of any grant funding sources that would meet the needs of the proposed project?
Yes, list potential funding sources: Student Health 101 Online Magazine-Grants/cocurricular funding account