Appendix F6: Conference and Travel Requests [ Acct. Category... Chabot College Office of Institutional Research: Program Review, Year One:...


Chabot College Office of Institutional Research: Program Review, Year One: March, 2013

Appendix F6: Conference and Travel Requests [ Acct. Category 5000]


Staff Development Committee, Administrators, Budget Committee, PRBC


To request funding for conference attendance, and to guide the Budget and Staff

Development Committees in allocation of funds.


Please list specific conferences/training programs, including specific information on the name of the conference and location. Note that the Staff Development Committee currently has no budget, so this data is primarily intended to identify areas of need that could perhaps be fulfilled on campus, and to establish a historical record of need. Your rationale should discuss student learning goals and/or connection to the Strategic Plan goal.



2013-14 Request Rationale

Student Success Conference

October 2013, San Francisco

$400 This conference is the premier conference for both faculty, staff, and researchers who are working on student success. It is the place to showcase all we have been doing in PRBC and Basic Skills and learn from other colleges. Since it is local in 2013, this is just the cost of the registration and transportation. I hope to present on my work on measuring the

Strategic Plan as a way to also target students for services.

Research and Planning Group

Annual Conference, April

2014, probably in Pomona


Research and Planning Group

Regional Meetings



This RP Group conference is the main forum for

Institutional Researchers from all CCC's to meet and share tips and new ideas for making research more efficient and usable. Research is all about increasing student success. This conference is necessary for staying up to date with CCC Institutional Research issues. The OIR Coordinator uses conference information and contacts to enhance the services of the OIR for the college. Usually it costs

$800/person, but since I am on the Board of the RP

Group this year, airfare and one night are paid so only $450 is needed (registration and 2 nights).

The RP Group has about 3 regional meetings per year in the Bay Area, which entail transportation costs of at least $25/event per person. I will go to these events no matter what, to meet with our local peers and keep up on Institutional Research issues.

Often, we are not able to be reimbursed for that travel.