SLOA Meeting May 19, 2009 Rm 3521 12-1pm

SLOA Meeting
May 19, 2009
Rm 3521 12-1pm
Members Present: Carolyn Arnold, Dr. Gene Groppetti, Bruce Mayer, Gloria Mead,
Barbara Ogman, Rebecca Otto, Norbeto Ruiz, Haryot Sawhney, Michelle Sherry,
Stephen Small, Wayne Phillips
Elumen Update
The meeting opened with Rebecca Otto announcing the new updated Elumen
program and discussing the many issued involved with the new system. There will be a
walk-in training Thursday, May 21 and May 29 from 12-5.
Next Year
Committee members discussed possible ways to address this issue next year:
It would be helpful to provide Elumen training to each
division/discipline during any of their meetings.
How to gain more support and direction from Deans.
Looking at other ways professors have assessed their classes and how
they will be tracked.
Looking at using/providing/offering Excel to record assessments.
Hiring a new Title III Coordinator:
Rebecca Otto announced her resignation as Title III coordinator. She will be going back
to teaching. Otto invited committee members to attend the hiring meeting, May 29.
College-Wide Learning Goals
Otto showed her Learning Goal posters for committee feedback. The committee
members were very pleased and suggested that one poster will be in classrooms and then
most of the posters in the library or in the cafeteria for students to see.
Review of FIG and Next Year FIG
Carolyn Arnold gave a summary of her Critical Thinking FIG group. Her group
members really enjoyed the assessment process, especially looking at the SLO before and
SLO after. Two-thirds of students were in the highest of the two rubric scores after
On going assessment will continue to measure to Critical Thinking over the next
years, but Carolyn also would like to begin a new FIG group measuring Global and
Cultural Involvement at Chabot College.
Two issues:
The committee reviewed student survey, Chabot Learning Goals, and a list of Chabot
college courses that entail Global and Cultural Involvement. Carolyn proposed to contact
instructors who have classes related to Global and Cultural Involvement to ask if they
would be interested in joining a FIG group. They will be researching other rubrics
different colleges use and how they can work within Chabot.
1. College Wide Goals: committee looked at what students said for a clearer definition
that relates to all the divisions.
2. A rubric may be very hard to create since there are many disciplines
Flex Day
Dr. Gropetti stated that there maybe a Flex Day, sometime in October, before the
Accreditation Team arrives to review all that has been completed over the last semesters.
Flex Day will be sometime before Oct 19. Accreditation needs to see that there is
progress and that Chabot will be on task by 2012.
Closing Remarks
Dr. Gropetti assured the SLOA committee that they will be integrated completely in the
The meeting was adjourned by stating that next years meetings will be at the same time.
Also, Rebecca was given huge praises for the wonderful work and progress in the SLOA