SLOAC Minutes – Fall 2013 Goals & Planning    Student Learning Assessment and Outcome Committee (SLOAC)  Meeting:  Aug 20, 2013 

SLOAC Minutes – Fall 2013 Goals & Planning Student Learning Assessment and Outcome Committee (SLOAC) Meeting: Aug 20, 2013 Room: 504 Times: 12pm – 1pm Agenda: 1.
Call for new SLOAC Chair for Spring 2013. Review SLOAC Goals for 2013 Changes to eLumen (Mapping CLOs to CWLG, CLOs to PLOs) Planning for Fall 2013 Flex days (Sept 12, Oct 8) SLOAC Newsletter content (5 min) (10 min) (10 min) (15 min) (10 min) Attendees: Carey Kopay, Stephen Small, Mireille Giovanola, Felicia Tripp, Bruce Mayer, Harjot Sawhney, Christina Mendoza, Carolyn Arnold, Patricia Shannon (guest). Meeting commenced at 12:10pm. Discussion: 1. As discussed in May 2013, the SLOAC Chair (Carey Kopay) is leaving the position at the end of September. a. Patricia Shannon attended meeting to express the need to indentify a new SLOAC chair and ask for faculty help in recruiting either fulltime or part‐time faculty for the position. b. Committee also discussed plans for rotating the chair for the remainder of the semester as discussed in Spring 2013 committee meetings. The committee feels the work can progress until a new chair is identified. There are 6 meetings in Oct thru Dec to cover. c. Bruce Mayer indicated a possible engineering adjunct who may be interested. Carey will send Bruce a description. 2. Review of SLOAC Goals for 2013‐2014: a. The committee reviewed proposed goals and determined that with the size of the committee the list needed to be narrowed from 6 goals and focused further to three: i. Support campus faculty in managing SLOs effectively within their disciplines. ii. Improve communication of SLO progress to faculty through enhanced internet presence, newsletters and website updating, and communicate SLO requirements in preparation for the 2014 self‐study report and subsequent Fall 2015 accreditation visit. iii. Improved communication of course and program SLO to students. SLOAC Minutes _ Aug20, 2013 1 SLOAC Minutes – Fall 2013 Goals & Planning b. Committee tabled the following two goals of: i. Establish mechanisms for facilitating ongoing college dialogue around student learning across GE areas/CWLG. a. We have developed an assessment plan for GE areas and presented it at Flex Day in October 2012. b. With the new ability to map CSLOs to CWLG in eLumen we should be able to pilot some of this and even have some small focus groups in the coming year. We need to learn how to pull data together from eLumen in aggregate across multiple courses as a starting place. ii. Consider alternative processes for proposing new models of course assessments. a. Lots of interested has been expressed on using alternative assessment models that don’t use eLumen. Nursing and other accredited programs don’t use eLumen and have institutionalized their processes. b. We don’t have the band‐width to take this on as we had hoped. If more faculty want to consider this and put together a process/plan the committee would be open to the idea. 3. New Changes to eLumen a. The big change this summer was the development of the CWLG rubric that will allow faculty to map their CLOs to multiple CWLGs. As discussed at our last committee meeting in May 2013, the rubric was developed based very roughly on the student survey conducted by Institutional Research. i. Global & Cultural Involvement has 3 sub‐categories ii. Civic Responsibilities has 3 sub‐categories iii. Communication has 5 sub‐categories iv. Critical Thinking has 5 sub‐categories v. Development of the whole person has 4 sub‐categories. This list is revised on the SLOAC webpage. The process is very easy and faculty will be trained on Flex Day, as well as video’s on the SLOAC website. b. eLumen also has the ability to map CLOs to PLOs. This work is ongoing. The big question is running reports that aggregate the data. We should use the committee as our test group to mapping these PLOs. c. 4. Flex Day activities: a. We will have another training session for faculty discipline coordinators on September 12th about using eLumen (repeated session from April 30th). This was well attended and faculty are probably getting anxious about assessment since our second 3 year cycle is nearing an end. SLOAC Minutes _ Aug20, 2013 2 SLOAC Minutes – Fall 2013 Goals & Planning b. Also one of the flex days will likely focus on Program Review. As discussed in Spring 2013, the Program Review process is moving to Fall semester to better align the budget allocation cycle with the discipline budget requests. Before PR was completed in Spring and the budget was already allocated, this shift to fall allows the college to better align budge allocation with budget requests made in Program Review. Because Program Review now integrates Student Learning Outcomes as justifications for budget requests it is important that SLO has input into the PR document that is generated for the addendum. The committee discussed that this change will affect the 3 year cycle of assessment, but agreed that there is adequate justification of process improvement to explain the change. The committee agrees that the PR addendum should be an extension of the prior year PR that was submitted in Spring 2012, ie: if faculty completed Year 1 Program Review in Spring 2012, they would be filing a year 1 extension in Fall of 2013, not a Year 2. The addendum will include any SLO work that was completed in Spring 2013, and budget requests made. The addendum should include the new forms the SLO committee completed and adopted in Spring 2013. These are CLO Closing the Loop and PLO Closing the Loop forms and the calendar of assessment. (Appendix B1, B2, C). 5. SLOAC Newsletter to be communicated to faculty at Flex Day.  Topics covered: SLOAC Update 
Progress towards 2015 Accreditation 
Changes to eLumen 
Mapping PLOs to CLOs and CWLG to CLOs 
Communicating SLOs to students Final draft to be provided. 6. Next meeting: Carolyn Arnold to present questions for student survey for the accreditation report. Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm. SLOAC Minutes _ Aug20, 2013 3