What to do at your first mentor meeting:

What to do at your first mentor meeting:
1. Bring the Conduct and Confidentiality Agreement
-This is an important document that is required for the office
2. Bring the card of important numbers
-Each mentee should have one of these cards as they may need
assistance when you are not there to answer their question
3. Have a list of goals that you hope to achieve with your
mentee by the end of the semester
-These are your expectations of them and the program
4. Discuss your mentee’s goals for the semester
5. Discuss what days and times you will meet for your
one-on-one sessions
-These are unique to you and your mentee
6. Form a plan of contact in case one or both of you cannot
make a meeting
-This is very important as this does happen
7. Establish a rapport and begin to get to know your
-You have all semester to work with your mentee on goals, start getting
to know them now
8. Have Fun!!