MINUTES November 5, 2015 9:30 – 11:00 AM, Room 758

November 5, 2015
9:30 – 11:00 AM, Room 758
Attendees: Noell Adams, Rosafel Adriano, Dolly Balangitao, Rozen Bondoc, ValJean Dale, Josue
Hernandez, Matt Kritscher, Jean Lee, Paulette Lino, Kathryn Linzmeyer, Roberto Mendez, Patricia
Molina, Stacey Moore, Yvette Nahinu, Cresali Roldan-Sun, Jeanne Wilson and Bella Witt
Meeting started: 9:35 a.m.
The meeting started with introduction of Admissions & Records newest employee: Jean Lee, Student
Evaluator. She comes from Cal State East Bay and also worked at Laney College.
I. VP Updates
Fall Semester recruitment efforts – a success story! Institutional Research Director Carolyn Arnold
reported that “In Fall 2015, 700 more new students are on campus than in Fall 2014, and there are
about 1,000 more enrollments (filled class seats). This is the first increase in head counts and
enrollments for over five years. As of the Census, we have about 500 more new students than we
did last Fall.” More students pursuing transfer than before. And more students are going full-time
than before. We are 4483 FTES this fall out of a goal of 4500!
Student Services has 5-7 new faculty positions. We will be submitting a Request to Announce form
for an emergency replacement hire for Michael D’Aloisio’s position. We are working with the Faculty
Prioritization Committee to get two more general counseling positions (to bring total count to 14) to
help manage the increase in enrollment. With Kathleen Allen’s impending retirement, we will
request announcement for a DSPS Counselor/Coordinator position. We will move forward with the
Learning Skills position to replace Jerry Egusa. And we will put forth a request for two SSSP funded
counselor positions.
In addition, since the Classification and Compensation study has passed, we are ready to post new
classified positions (15 college-wide) that are in the cue that include A&R and FinAid positions and
administrative position for Student Life.
The Daraja and Puente Counselor Assistant II positions will soon have 2nd level interviews.
Student Services Advisory Group
Minutes for 11/5/15
2|P a g e
The late posting/filling of these positions have resulted in significant salary savings for this year
that can be reallocated and spent as one-time monies.
Effective in January, VP Connie Willis, who will retire in June, will transition into administering the
Adult Education (AB86) program that recently received $2 million in consortium funding. HR has
sent out a call for internal candidates and hopefully one would be approved at the November 18th
Board Meeting. (Update: Former AHSS Dean, Carla Walter is the new Interim VPAS)
The AB86 program will help adult school students get their citizenship, obtain their GED and other
vocational training, and get them into community colleges to receive a higher level of training and
certification. For this program, Student Services will get a ½ time outreach specialist and an
administrator to oversee the transition of the students.
The college asked for an extension to complete the SSSP plan by November 20th. Funding
increased from $1.6 million to $2.2 million ($800,000 more). VP Kritscher said that while the SSSP
sub-workgroup did a fantastic job in mapping out the MIS data elements and nailed down as to
how we were going to use SARS as the primary data collector, he said we need another data work
group again so we can improve our data collection even more. Some areas we can improve upon:
 Ensure every new counselor is set-up in SARS.
 Everybody has to have a schedule and that we catch appointments/contacts as well as
VP Kritscher explained that statewide funding total $266 million and that every community college
is competing for the funds. The allocation report showed some colleges are getting $4-8 million.
So we have an opportunity to look at follow-up services. How are we counting follow-up of at-risk
students? How are we referring students? How are we checking them in? SEP is 35%. Once we
get the SSSP System Coordinator position filled, VP Kritscher is thinking about implementing group
electronic SEP workshops whereby students will be in a computer lab and a team of counselors can
assist in drafting and reviewing SEPs. In this environment, it’s easy to process 50 to 100 SEPs
instantly going into the system as oppose to scanning them and marking them in SARs individually.
The new workgroup, comprised of two counselors and a representative from each area, will
be tasked to look at how we can maximize our data because it is translating into hundreds of
thousands of dollars.
A question then was asked if Chabot is considering adopting a “lenient” interpretation of what
other colleges are calling an SEP. And how will the State audit this practice? VP Kritscher stated
that with the large amount of money allocated, the State will definitely audit us, perhaps as early
as next Spring. So we need evidence that service was provided. He said the state will also audit us
for students who don’t have SEPs.
Follow-up services is another area we can improve upon. It’s one thing to mail probation letters,
but what is critical is what students do with that letter. We have to carefully document our followup activities.
Student Services Advisory Group
Minutes for 11/5/15
3|P a g e
Dean Dale added that Peer Advisors provide service that is currently not counted. So her objective
is to train Peer Advisors to assertively approach students and ask them if they need assistance, and
then count their service.
VP Kritscher concluded that we need to find the balance between being aggressive and assertive
about how we are capturing data and how we are backing it up so we can serve our students the
best we can. Ultimately when we are audited, we can show State auditors our methods of
capturing data, the service we provided and how we counted it.
The District allocated Chabot $1.62 million in student equity funds, a split of 66/33 between us and
LPC. We set aside $200,000 for the salary and benefits for the proposed Student Equity
Coordinator (job description was submitted to HR today) and assistant positions, professional
development for the Student Equity Coordinating Council and the college, and for the student direct
aid program.
VP Kritscher said we have to increase our student equity outcomes for our target population. We
need to have more collaboration and sharing among programs.
We also need to look at our institutional structure and how we are supporting students. For
example, we reviewed our placement and assessment program and implemented multiple
measures and offered co-requisites instead of pre-requisites. Adult learners have a great capacity
to learn than we give them credit for. We need to determine how students come in, at what level
they start and how they are supported in getting through the system at a more rapid pace.
There were 26 equity proposals that were submitted totaling $1.6 million. A sum of $800,000 will
be awarded to proposals that have the clearest plan to directly serve our disproportionately
impacted population in ways that will move the needle and have good data collection capacity.
VP Kritscher showed the layout of the center: welcome desk, 4 offices, kitchenette & supply room,
lounge, study work spaces, outside balcony with TV (the loud space area), and a public display
case for the armed forces flags. The Kisco Foundation will grant $40,000 with two conditions: work
w/ LPC which has a model VRC and open by end of January. VP Kritscher said we might not be
able to get everything perfect by then, but it will ultimately be a state-of-the-art center, one of the
best in the State. We plan to invite the community (200-300 people) and get a guest speaker,
hopefully Tom Hanks. State Senator Ellen Corbett and Congressman Eric Swalwell are working with
the college to promote the center and get a media splash. Built into the plan will be our enrollment
and growth strategy which includes SSSP and student equity.
We plan to spend $60,000 for Spring 2016 and about $80,000-$90,000 for summer/fall semester.
VP Kritscher distributed a list of various media outlets we plan to use:
 University newspapers and local papers highlighting our online courses.
 Continue to publicize on Pandora which allows us to see the metrics as to who clicks
through to the college website. And our Webmaster Wing Kam has added Google analytics
which allow us to further see where the person went inside our website. Electronic
advertising gives us more opportunity to collect data and gauge what is working versus
print media where we can only do a survey.
Student Services Advisory Group
Minutes for 11/5/15
4|P a g e
 We will use Facebook which has a billion users per day. Facebook will do more embedded
advertising videos.
 We will do a 30-second Comcast cable TV commercial using professional team of former
Chabot students to produce/shoot the video ad.
 3-month digital advertising on Southland Mall’s electronic marquis which has a million
impressions per month.
 Constant Contact for emailing students because it has better analytics of clicks-thru than
 Email high school principals.
CCCApply will have a pull-down which asks applicants “How did you hear about Chabot?” So this is
another opportunity to collect feedback on our “return on investment”.
The group suggested the following:
 Advertise on Spanish TV (Univision and Telemundo), radio and other print media in
addition to Vision Hispana.
 Look into public service announcement (PSAs). Find out the parameters since it’s free
 The college should create videos showing students speaking their language and put it up
on Youtube and our banner. This will show diversity at Chabot.
 English and Spanish ads on Southland Mall’s electronic marquis.
II. SAO (Service Area Outcome) Data Collection and Meeting
Agenda/Notes Form – Tabled
III. Other Business
 Program Reviews are due to the VP Office by the end of the week end.
 Amy Mattern is the new Dean of Academic Pathways and Student Success. She will work
with Academic and Student Services Divisions. She will oversee our FYE Program and the
CPT grant. The Pathways deal with dual enrollment (a class of high school students taking
Chabot courses, i.e., Auto Technology and Welding).
 12,000 Class Schedules will be delivered today. We will mail postcards about Spring 2016
classes that households will receive around the Thanksgiving period.
 Veteran’s Day 5K & fun walk today, 12 Noon to 2:00 PM at the Track & Field.
 Toys for Tots drive, sponsored by our Students Veterans Organization has started. The goal
is to collect 500 new unwrapped toys. Final toy collection will be December 10th in the Event
Center, 11:00 AM – 12 Noon.
 Enrollments for Covered California, the State’s health insurance exchange, start next week
through January. Tri-City Health Center will come on campus to help students enroll in the
program on the following Wednesdays: 11/18, 12/2, 12/16 and 1/20/16, 11:30 AM – 2:00
PM in the Cafeteria Lobby.
Student Services Advisory Group
Minutes for 11/5/15
5|P a g e
 Alameda County Food Bank outreach activities have them coming on campus every two
weeks to inform students about the CalFresh program and assist with their applications. The
next session is on January 25th, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM or 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM, in the
 Priority registration for Special Programs is next week.
 Raza College Day, sponsored by CLEA, on Saturday, November 14th, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM,
geared towards giving access to our community to learn about educational opportunities
and motivate them to attend college. There will also be workshops for middle school
students to learn about our S.T.E.M courses and for undocumented students. This annual
event draws an estimated 200 people.
 Thanksgiving potluck on November 18th.
 The Chabot College International Student Program and International Club will have its
annual dinner and movie highlighting Vietnam on Thursday, November 19th, 5:00 PM in the
Event Center.
 Arts & Crafts Fair raffle on Nov 21st for the Gerald Shimada Memorial Scholarship Fund.
 The college’s annual holiday party is set for Tuesday, December 15th, 12 noon – 2:00 PM in
the Event Center. Traditional dishes/fixings will be ordered and people are free, not
obligated, to bring dishes/desserts to share if they wish to do so. The event will be
sponsored by the President and VP offices, but Student Services will host.
Meeting Adjourned: 11:58 a.m.
Next Meeting: February 4, 2016