Chapter 14 Practice Test Answers

Chapter 14 Practice Test Answers
1. C. DNS is required by Active Directory and must be available when AD is added.
2. D. NetWare 3.12 uses the bindery to store information about objects and their
3. B. NetWare Loadable Modules (NLMs) add programs to the NetWare operating
4. C. A UNIX user must have “Execute to the file” to run an application.
5. A, D, E. The components of the UNIX OS are the shell, kernel, and applications.
6. B. Once Pure IP was added to NetWare, it was no longer necessary to run
IPX/SPX, and NetWare could innately talk to other operating systems.
7. D. The .LAN NetWare Loadable Module loads the NIC driver for the server.
8. A. The Security Accounts Manager (SAM) maintains information about users’
accounts and other information.
9. C. The administrator can partition the NDS database to provide fault tolerance.
10. A. GSNW (Gateway Services for NetWare) allows NetWare resources to be
accessed as if they were Windows resources.
11. D. The logical presentation of objects in the NDS is the tree.
12. B. NTFS and share permissions are combined when a network user accesses
13. A. All trees in the forest must share the same schema for the AD database.
14. D. Macintosh is considered the most user-friendly of the operating systems.
15. C. A user must have at least Read and File Scan to access a resource.
16. B. A daemon is a UNIX service application.
17. D. NT 4.0 was the first Windows OS to support the 32-bit platform.
18. A, C, D. Macintosh supports TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, and AppleTalk.
19. A. NetWare is considered to be the best of the operating systems but not the most
20. B. NetWare 3.X must use IPX/SPX.
21. D. Windows 2000 is considered a multimaster operating system.
22. B. Samba allows interoperability between UNIX and Windows.