Techbuy Information

Techbuy Information
Techbuy is the electronic marketplace used within the university to efficiently process all
purchasing transactions. Techbuy has the capability to accept all transactions that are directed
to external suppliers.
The purchasing process begins with the entry of a requisition into the Techbuy at the
department level. After an initial budget check, Techbuy workflow carries the requisition to
designated individuals for departmental approval (FOAPAL approval). Following approval,
the workflow will go to any required internal University approval and finally to the
Purchasing and Contracting (P&C) department. After P&C’s approval, the transaction then
becomes a PO. At the PO stage, the transaction encumbers funds unless paid on a ghost card
of Pcard. Finally, the PO is distributed to the vendor via cXML, fax or email.
For the FOAPAL approval step, the Financial Manager (of each Organization Code) can
designate users and approvers for each Organization code under their authority. To do this,
the Financial Manager designates roles in the Team App. These roles are carried over into
the Banner and Techbuy systems.
o Shopper – can enter a transaction on the organizations roles granted
o Requestor – can enter a transaction on the organizations roles grated and on
the same org codes can approve up to $5000.
o Approver - can enter a transaction on the organizations roles grated and on the
same org codes can approve a transaction of any amount.
The Financial Manager remains responsible for the correct exercise of delegated purchasing
authority and must ensure that personnel are properly trained and supervised; that all rules
and procedures are followed. The primary guideline for Purchasing shall be OP 72.01.
Training Resources and Additional Information
Advance Topics Presentation
Banner Account Code Descriptions
Beginners Training Classes
E-Invoicing-New FOAP Splitting
Profile Instructions
Hosted and Punchout Vendors
Receiving Instructions
Reporting, Queries, Favorites, and other
Advanced Topics
Researcher Training Presentation
How to Guides
Team Application Instructions
How to search for your requisitions
TechBuy Supported Browsers and Operating
Vendor Punchout Capability Summary
Techbuy Forms
Cancelling an Order
To c ancel a purchase o rder, email immedi ately. A purchase
order, once issued to the supplier, is a binding contract; therefore, the supplier is not obligated
to accept any cancellations.
If the order canno t be cancelled, the ordering department is responsible for pa ying for the
goods or ser vices ordered. If cancel lation is permitted by the vendor, a letter cancelling the
original order will be processed by University Purchasing.
Techbuy Contact Information
Phone: 806-742-3844