Main field of study: 011200 Physics Department of Optics


Main field of study: 011200 Physics

Area of specialization: Physical Optics and Lasers

Department of Optics

Scientific adviser: Prof. Dr. Yu.Z. Ionikh

Reviewer: Prof. Dr. Yu.A. Tolmachev

Optical diagnostics of a micro-scaled atmospheric pressure plasma jet

V.M. Chekishev

The work is concerned with the diagnostics of argon RF discharge in a micro-scaled atmospheric pressure plasma jet (μAPPJ). It is known that the low-temperature argon plasma is very important in plasma-medicine for living cell and tissue treatment and treatment of organic materials.

The spectrum of μAPPJ has been obtained and fully identified in a wide range from 200 to 1055 nm. It was found, that atomic argon lines, ending on resonant levels, have a large broadening. This effect has been studied scrupulously and the opportunity of its application for such an important task as a gas temperature determination has been shown. Moreover, the gas temperature has been found from the rotational structure of NH molecular spectrum and from the simulation of the N


SPS spectrum, which were also noticed in our source. All these three methods provide very similar results, proving therefore that the resonance broadening effect may be used for a gas temperature determination.

Furthermore, the gas temperature dependences on the gas flux and on the position of the gas flow along the jet channel were studied. It has been shown that the temperature decreases at the gas flux increase, and increases along the channel. Besides, the most marked increase takes place in the first half of the channel.

The list of the publications


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