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Curriculum vitae for Truls NORBY
Full name: Norby, Truls Eivind
Born: 22 June 1955 Nationality: Norwegian
Degree: Dr. Scient., Inorganic Chemistry, University of Oslo, 1986
Present position: Professor, Dept. Chemistry, Univ. Oslo, since 1995
Experience: Post-doc 1987-92; Visiting Nordic assoc. professor 1993;
Assoc. professor at Univ. Oslo 1994; Full professor since 1995. Founded
NorECs Norwegian Electro Ceramics AS ( in 2001,
commercialising equipment and materials developed by Norwegian
academic materials research. Initiator and board member of Protia AS
2008. Established and heads FERMiO top-tier research group
(toppforskningsmiljø) as of 2007. See Visiting
scientist: Chalmers 1993, Aveiro 2002, Sydney (UWS & UNSW) 2009
Present research activities and fields of interest: Materials science; inorganic materials chemistry,
solid-state electrochemistry, ionics. Advanced ceramic materials, mainly oxides; their defect
structure, diffusivity, electrical properties and electrochemistry at high temperatures. Hydrogen
defects. Solid electrolytes (oxygen ion and proton conductors); Proton conducting solid oxide fuel
cells (PC-SOFCs), electrochemical reactors, pumps, sensors. Mixed conductors and electronic
conductors for membrane and electrode technologies. Thermoelectrics and entropy of charge
carriers. Nano-ionics. Current focus: Solubility and transport of neutral hydrogen, protons, and
hydride ions in oxidic materials. High and intermediate temperature proton conductors for fuel cells
and electrolysers. Novel electrodes and interconnects for the same. Chemical diffusion of oxygen or
hydrogen through mixed conductors as membranes for separation of O2 from air or H2 from syngas.
Photoelectrochemistry; defects in TiO2 photocatalysts. High-temperature oxide thermoelectrics.
Project management: Coordinates EU 7FWP project “EFFIPRO” (7 partners, 2009-2012) in the
Energy call. Successful principal applicant and/or coordinator of 6 RCN projects last 10 years, of
which 3 have been national and 3 local (UiO). Additionally, participant (with at least one post-doc or
PhD student) in 6 projects in Norway (3), Nordic region (1), and EU (2).
Membership in academic societies and professional committees: Member of The Norwegian
Academy of Science and Letters. Member of Agder Academy of Science and Letters.
Other scientific appointments: Editor of Solid State Ionics. International advisory boards: Solid
State Ionics, Solid State Protonic Conductors, Reactivity of Solids. Member of boards of “Materials,
Energy and Nanotechnology” programme BS and MS committees (formerly leader). Member of The
Hydrogen Council (RCN). UiO representative in Sintef’s Council.
PhD and MSc supervision: Graduated to date: PhD: 15, MSc: 34. PhD students currently
supervised primo 2010 (some with colleague Assoc. Prof. Reidar Haugsrud), with short titles:
- Nalini Vajeeston, “Novel oxysalt proton conductors”
- Harald Fjeld, “Nano-ionics”
- Nebojsa Cebasek, “Transport in gas separation membranes”
- Skjalg Erdal, “Hydrogen in oxides; ZnO and hydrogen separation membranes”
- Morten Huse, "Novel proton conducting oxides"
- Tor S. Bjørheim, “DFT and experimental studies of hydrogen in oxides”
- Anders W. B. Skilbred, “Metallic interconnects for proton conducting SOFCs”
- Ragnar Strandbakke, “Cathodes for proton conducting SOFCs”
- Vasilis Besikiotis, “Efficient and robust proton conducting fuel cells” (EU 7FWP PhD)
- Xing Wen, “Hydrogen permeable oxides for carbon capture processes”
- Ragnhild Hancke, “Kinetics of proton and oxide ion conductors”
- Jonathan Polfus, “Nitrogen in oxdes”
- Camilla K. Vigen, „Mixed conducting oxides for hydrogen separation membranes“
- Kingsley O. Iwu, “Solid state photoelectrochemical hydrogen production”
+ 4 PhD students co-supervised with other main supervisor. Additionally 5 MSc students.
Teaching at present, additional to MSc and PhD supervision:
MENA1000 Materials, Energy, and Nanotechnology (Lecturer, BSc level)
KJM5120/9120 Defect chemistry (Lecturer, MSc/PhD level)
MENA 3200/4200 Energy Materials (Lecturer 33%)
KJM-MENA4010 Experimental methods (1 of 14 modules; Electrical measurements)
ISI Web of knowledge reports for Truls Norby:
All years to date: 112 articles, 2020/1305 citations with/without self, average 18, h-index: 27
For 2000 to date: 68 articles, 687/ 501 citations with/without self, average 10, h-index: 14
Publications last 5 years, 2006-2010
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Nanotechnology) at The University of Oslo, 390 pages (in Norwegian); 2004-2007.
Articles of various categories in national and international periodicals
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T. Norby, "The promise of protonics" (News and Views), Nature, 410 (2001) 877-878.
Patent applications
T. Norby, R. Haugsrud, S. Marion, Norwegian patent application No. 20045639, filed 23.12.2004: Rare earth
orthoniobates and orthotantalates as solid proton conducting electrolytes.
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