Student Honor Contract for Qualifying Exam

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Student Honor Contract for Qualifying Exam
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In conjunction with the Texas Tech University honor codes, I agree that I will not communicate or receive
any information regarding my PhD Qualifying Exam including exam questions, exam resources, or exam
answers until all student exams have been completed and all final exam grades have been distributed.
Likewise, I understand that I am not to plagiarize any portion of the qualifying exam from written, oral or
electronic sources.
Finally, I understand that the intent of this code is to ensure fairness and prevent any student from gaining
an unfair advantage over other students. Students are to respect the quals examination process as well as
other students.
I also understand that a failure to adhere to this code will be considered a violation that will be reported to
the student’s Division Director, the student’s advisor, the Department Chair, the Executive Committee
and the Graduate School.
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