Global Context Rubric*

Global Context Rubric*
NIU College of Business graduates will recognize implications of conducting business in a global context.
Assessment Indicator
Does Not Meet Expectations - 1
Meets Expectations - 2
Exceeds Expectations - 3
Knowledge of Global Cultures
Only identifies or describes varied
cultures and world views.
Demonstrates respectful
interaction with varied cultures
and worldviews.
Adapts and applies multiple worldviews and
experiences while initiating meaningful
interaction with other cultures.
Knowledge of Global Perspectives
& Strategies
Defines global challenges in basic
Formulates practical solutions
to global challenges recognizing
some interdisciplinary or
multicultural perspectives.
Applies knowledge and skills to implement
sophisticated, appropriate, and workable
solutions to address complex global problems
using interdisciplinary perspectives
independently or with others.
Global Self-awareness &
Identifies some connections
between one’s personal decisionmaking and certain local and
global issues.
Evaluates the global impact of
one’s own and others’ specific
local actions on the world.
Takes informed and responsible action to
address ethical, social, and environmental
challenges in global systems and evaluates
the local and broader consequences of
individual and collective interventions.
*Framing Language - Northern Illinois University (NIU) College of Business attracts students and faculty from around the globe. In response to this, it is essential to integrate
global perspectives and competencies into the core of our curriculum. Globally mindful students will have knowledge about people and places beyond their own community,
value multicultural engagement and collaboration, exhibit an understanding of challenges affecting the business world, and possess the skills to challenge assumptions and
analyze issues from multiple perspectives.