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Joseph Kruger PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Bipartisan Policy Center, Energy Project, 2011-­‐2014, Director for Energy and Environment. National Commission on Energy Policy, 2006-­‐2010, Policy Director White House Council on Environmental Quality, 2009-­‐2010, Deputy Associate Director, Energy and Climate. Resources for the Future, 2003-­‐2005, Visiting Scholar. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Branch Chief, Clean Air Markets Division, 1999-­‐2003. Branch Chief, Acid Rain Division, 1995-­‐1999. Section Chief, Acid Rain Division, 1992-­‐1995. Senior Policy Analyst, Acid Rain Division, 1990-­‐1992. Policy Analyst, Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response, 1988-­‐1990. Policy Analyst, Office of Policy, Planning, and Evaluation, 1986-­‐1988. U.S. Department of Energy Research Resident, Summer 1985. Investor Responsibility Research Center Electric Utility Analyst, 1981-­‐1984. SELECTED ARTICLES, BOOK CHAPTERS, AND WORKING PAPERS Grumet, J., J. Kruger, and J. 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Cornell University, A.B., Government and Economics, January 1982.