Model UN: Politics and Diplomacy

M o d e l U N : Po l i t i c s a n d D i p l o m a c y
Cleveland State Model U.N. and N.A.T.O.
Are you a political science, international relations or
history major? Or are you interested in public policy,
diplomacy, or current events?
Do you like to discuss, research and debate?
Then, CSU Model UN is for you!
 Model UN is a simulation of various UN/NGO/
IGO summits
 Students represent countries, arguing for their
“nation’s” policies
 Every major is welcome, as there are diverse
topics and issues to be discussed! (e.g. Law
World Health, Agriculture, Economics)
 All you need is a desire to research and speak
 Great experience for students pursuing careers
in law, politics, business, or economics
 Opportunities to travel, visit embassies, and
meet ambassadors and diplomats!
 Enjoy fellowship and socialization with a diverse
group of students from many different disciplines
 Gain valuable experience for the workplace,
scholarships or graduate schools
 Improve your research, writing and study skills
 The skills learned in Model UN are used
throughout life, what profession doesn’t rely on
writing, negotiation, debate and consensus
 Come join us. It’s just a model, but who knows?
You may be doing it for real!
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