Bookcrossing, Russia Heinz Tomato Soup Hipsamatic on i-phone originals, GB

Sub-trend : Reframing Tradition & Heritage
Heinz Tomato Soup
originals, GB
Bookcrossing, Russia
Hipsamatic on i-phone
gives that old-school
feel, global
Sub-trend : Reframing Tradition and Heritage
Bring back a touch of heritage and tradition
In an increasingly digital world, consumers are looking for ways to re-connect with more traditional ways
of doing things. Products and services that give a taste of what life used to be like are becoming more
and more popular with modern consumers.
Heinz tomato soup originals, GB
To celebrate its 100 year anniversary, Heinz is bringing back the original design for Cream of Tomato soup. To give the
re-release a modern twist, Heinz is only producing a limited number of the original designs to encourage the interest of
brand enthusiasts.
Bookcrossing, Russia
Bookcrossing is a new hobby that is popular with Russian students as well as gaining popularity around the world. It
involves people leaving books they have finished in a public place (e.g. park, café, train etc) for someone else to find,
read and leave in turn for the next person. A gadget-free activity within a technology-obsessed world.
Hipsamatic gives that old-school feel, global
The Hipsamatic app for i-phones lets users create an instantly nostalgic feel to their photos, re-creating the look and feel
of old plastic toy cameras. As the Hipsamatic press states, ‘Digital Photography Never Looked So Analogue’
Can you bring traditional elements of design into your product packaging? Are there original
designs or templates that you can use? How can you provide a truly convenient and
accessible service whilst maintaining visual clues of tradition?
Sub-trend : Accessible Luxury
Low-cost ways to reach
luxury products, Spain
Designer jeans at low
prices, Italy
Premium clothing
brands at affordable
prices, GB
Sub-trend : Accessible Luxury
Small touches of luxury in daily life
As a result of the economic slowdown consumers are more keen than ever for low-cost ways of bringing touches of
luxury into their lives. The age of austerity consumers are currently living in has strengthened the need to escape and
enjoy life, through small and affordable touches of luxury delivered via innovative business models that brighten day-today existence.
Low-cost ways to reach luxury products, Spain
EsloUltimo (The Latest Thing) has set up sampling stores in Barcelona and Madrid. Members pay a small fee of around 5 Euros per month
which enables them to sample a set number of high-end products every month. The model provides a very low-cost way to enjoy luxury
products on a continuous basis.
Designer jeans at low prices, Italy
The department store Coin is involving young stylists from around the world to create high quality products of individual design. The
jeans are particularly popular, and go on sale for a short amount of time only at the very low price of 10 Euros.
Premium clothing at affordable prices, GB
Chic & Seek is a designer clothing redistribution site, that sells used designer clothing on at reduced prices. Consumers can buy directly
from the website or alternatively visit the boutique in central London for that premium experience despite the affordable prices.
How can you bring small touches of luxury into the daily lives of your consumers? Are there low-cost sampling models
you could use to introduce some of your premium products to consumers? Could you make premium products available
for short periods at a low cost?
Sub-trend : Always With You
Spike Your Juice, USA
Vacation in a Bottle,
Sub-trend : Always With You
Deliver product benefits in portable and on-the-go formats
Consumers increasingly expect to have experiences at their fingertips without having to wait. There are more
and more products that fit into pockets and deliver experiences on-the-go in convenient formats for on-thego consumers.
Spike Your Juice, USA
Spike Your Juice is a powder launched this year that can be mixed with fruit juice to create a sparkling
alcoholic drink. Simply add a sachet of powder to fruit juice and wait for the alcohol level to rise. A fun way
to ensure you’re never without a drink when you need one.
Vacation in a Bottle, USA
ViB advertises itself as ‘the happy relaxation drink’ and comes complete with beach and shady palm tree on
the label. The statement from the website reads ‘Sure, we’d all love to have our toes in the sand right now,
but somebody came up with the idea of ‘9 to 5’ and started stressing a lot of us out. well, we’re about to
recapture some of those sunsets, calm your mind, and let you unwind’., USA sells personal care products packaged in 3 fluid oz packs or bottles. The website is aimed at
frequent flyers who need to buy products in smaller pack sizes to carry with them onto planes and onward
How can you deliver your products in portable formats that let consumers enjoy them whilst
on-the-go? Are there ways to package and communicate products that deliver a mood or
experience to the consumer? Are there innovative ways that you can combine your products
with everyday items to make something special for the on-the-go consumer?