This training is particularly aimed at the business leaders and employees of firms that
participate in the firms’ decision making process and will provide the participants with
the knowledge in areas such as fundamental elements of finance, cost of capital, financial
statement analysis, working capital and budgets, and make use of information from the
marketplace. Such training and knowledge is essential as the key decisions to be made
need to take into account the firms’ business strategies, financials, key performance
measures, the firms’ business strategies, external information and developments.
The course is designed to fulfil the following objectives:
 Provide an understanding of the link between business strategy and financial
 Understand the importance of strategic considerations to be able to make better
sense of financial information
 Understand the components of financial statements
 Use ratio analysis for management decision making
 Introduce ways to manage cash flows in a firm
Corporate planners
Finance and non-finance managers
Finance supervisors
Finance executives
Accounting personnel
Module 1: Creating a compelling business case to improve financial decision
Module 2: Walk through of financial statements
Module 3 Business performance measurement and analysis
Module 4: Forecasting
Module 5: Budgeting
Module 6: Cash flow management
Module 7: Continuous improvement process
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