Every company survival, progress, whether it ‘lives’ or ‘dies’ depends on the basis of
proper estimation of its costs and estimation of product or service pricing. Every
cost conscious executive or specific project manager, cost estimator, or organisation
is in need of improving their cost estimating success. This seminar endeavours to
illustrate and explain how to develop costs and how they can be used not only to
estimate the product cost, but also how to use them to determine a competitor's
likely bid price.
On completion of the seminar, the participant should be able to:
Describe costs by classification
Identify appropriate cost elements
Explain and understand the role of management accounting within an
organisation and the importance for the requirement of management decision
making information
Demonstrate knowledge and application of the principles of management
accounting, in planning, monitoring, pricing, and various decision making
processes, that are deemed to reduce risk factors related to the organisation
Latest tax developments and case laws relevant to treatment of income tax
Cost and Accounts’ Executives, Managers, Directors, Planners and Analysts
Module 1: Role of management and function
Module 2: Absorption costing
Module 3: Activity based costing (ABC)
Module 4: Marginal costing
Module 5: Other costing techniques (Job, Batch, Contract, Service, Process costing)
Module 6: Forecasting
Module 7: Standard costing
Module 8: Pricing (importance, factors affecting pricing)
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