Cost Management is not an issue only for CEO or other Top Management or
Technical Specialist. It is the responsibility of all and has also been on everybody’s
agenda every day. However, sometimes it is in fashion and sometimes is out of
vogue. With all the cost increase targeted in 2014, Strategic Cost Down must be one
of the key Strategic Thrust to maintain and sustaining the Profit and Cash of a
business. Growth and cost strategies are also inseparable. They need each other and
are joined together at the hip like our legs joined to the body. Cost saving is
continuously appealing. Most of the time they are not done strategically and always
imbalance between investment and cost cutting. Worst of all, companies tend to
launch full scale “’cost down” during crisis situations. Are these good? Why only
practice during crisis? How about growth areas during a crisis? Should we spend or
not? This workshop will hence also give you an awareness of how to balance
between the two essentials.
- How to work out and apply ABC in industries.
- Should I apply direct costing or total absorption costing systems.
Set out a practical approach to drive cost down intelligently
Be able to manage a cost down program period after period
Balance between spending on growth and cost down strategically
Do proactive instead of reactive cost downs
Reduce bureaucracy and waste that is attaching the organization
Managers, Executives, Supervisors of Sales, Accounts & Finance and Credit Control
Department, Staff members involved in the administration of “Costing”, Entrepreneurs AND
those aspire to improve the effectiveness in the credit management or to build a career in
this function.
Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Cost Principles
Module 3: Systems Thinking
Module 4: Bureaucracy identification and removals
Module 5: Functional Operation
Module 6: Cost Management as Strategy
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