Biographical Sketch

Biographical Sketch
Kareemah Love Sabur
Ph.D. Student
Boston College
A.B. Harvard University, Sociology
Research Interests
Critical pedagogy and practice within social work; positive discrimination/affirmative action policies
internationally, especially how they impact higher education; experiences of historically marginalized
groups in the context of higher education.
Board of Directors, National Association of Social Workers (Massachusetts Chapter); Boston College
School of Social Work Executive Board; President, Umoja (Boston College School of Social Work).
Pinderhughes Fellowship, Ron Brown Scholar; Social Work Doctoral Fellowship: Boston College
Research Experience:
Sabur, K. L. (2009). The Least of Us: Race and First-generation Status at an Ivy League
College (Undergraduate thesis, Harvard University).
Baer, M. R., Sabur, K. L., O'Loughlin, K. L., Starostik, P., & Minderman, H. (2006, November). The FLT3
Inhibitor PKC412 Interacts Synergistically with Both Daunorubicin and Cytarabine in Acute Myeloid
Leukemia (AML) Cells by Heterogeneous Mechanisms. In ASH Annual Meeting Abstracts (Vol. 108, No.
11, p. 1378).