Program Review Process and Timeline

Program Review Process and Timeline
All academic programs offered by the University should be scheduled every 5-7 years or at the discretion of
the Dean of the College.
Program Review Calendar and Procedures
May 30
A memo of notification and guidelines are sent to the Department Chairs/Program Directors and Deans
Names of members of the Self-Study Team submitted to Academic Planning
July 1
For most Program Reviews, the Self-Study Team consists of 3 to 4 department faculty, including the
chair/program director, and any division or other unit directors. Adjustments may be made as needed,
depending on department composition and specific needs of the program review.
Names should be submitted by email to the Vice Provost for Academic Planning (
List of nominees for external reviewers submitted to Academic Planning.
August 3
The number of external reviewers will be determined by the dean in consultation with Academic Planning, as
follows: One external for smaller departments, or those with no graduate programs; two or more externals for
larger or more complex units, or those which offer graduate instruction. Note that a minimum of three names
should be nominated for each external to be selected.
College deans should appoint two faculty members to serve as internal reviewers for all programs being
reviewed within the college. Internal reviewers may be from any program/department within the college except
ones being reviewed.
August 15 – September
September 1
The Vice Provost for Academic Planning works with the various participants in the process to identify
tentative dates for site visits. Invitations are sent to external nominees.
An orientation session is scheduled for departments undergoing program review to familiarize them with
the process and expectations. Answers to frequently asked questions will be given as well as initial
data/statistics from the Office of Institutional Research.
Self-studies are developed in accordance with guidelines provided. The final self-study shall be reviewed
and approved by the department’s faculty before submission to the Vice Provost. In addition to the self-study
document, any appendices should also be submitted. Please refer to the Self-Study section of the Program
Review website.
December 1
Revised July 10, 2015
Completed self-studies and accompanying documentation should be forwarded by email to the Vice
Provost for Academic Planning. Four (4) additional hard copies should be forwarded, in presentation
binders, to the Office of Academic Planning for distribution to the Provost’s Administrative Team.
Departments/units under review should ensure that electronic self-studies are distributed to college
deans, internal reviewers, and other constituents.
January 15 – March 15
External Consultant visit: The external consultant’s itinerary and program for the site visit is prepared by
the Academic Program Review Coordinator in consultation with the Chair of the Department being
reviewed. During the site visit the external consultant and the internal college reviewers will meet with
chairs/directors, faculty, students, alumni groups or visiting committees. It is the responsibility of the
Department Chair to ensure that appropriate attendees are notified of scheduled meetings. Within four to
six weeks of the site visit, the external reviewer(s), in consultation with the internal reviewers, submits a
written report.
Program Review Follow-up
March 15 – April 15
Academic Planning forwards the program review reports from the review team to the Chair/Director, the
appropriate Dean and the Provost.
April 15 – May 2
Feedback reports from Dean, Chair/Director and all review materials are returned to Academic Planning
and forwarded to the Provost.
May 2 – June 30
Provost, Dean, Chair/Director meet to address review findings and develop an implementation plan to
address recommendations and ensure follow-up.
Revised July 10, 2015