Student Questions (6-25-14)


Student Questions (6-25-14)

Q.) What other college would you have gone to if not ISU?

A.) I was from Iowa and I knew I wanted to go to a state school and I did not want to go to UNI in Cedar Falls. So for me it was between ISU and University of Iowa. After some deliberation I decided that I liked ISU better because it was more green and I thought the math department was better.

Q.) Who is your favorite character in Once Upon a Time?

A.) This is hard. It would probably be Rumplestiltskin or Mr. Gold. I also really liked the

Huntsman before Regina killed him.

Q.) Is it better to memorize the equation of a circle or to know how to derive it?

A.) Good question. I always think it is better to understand how to derive something then to just memorize it. Now it will be easier and faster to do related problems if you have the equation memorized so I encourage you to do both. Luckily deriving the equation for yourself a few times will actually help you memorize it anyway.

Q.) What made you get into math?

A.) In 3 rd

grade I decided that math was my favorite subject because I liked it and was good at it. Since then I knew that I wanted to do something with math for a career. I contemplated accounting and other industry positions but in high school I had a good teacher that inspired me to teach high school. So I entered the secondary education program here at ISU and dropped out at the last minute because I realized I wanted to teach at a higher level. Now I am still here in a graduate program and that is my story.

Q.) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A.) Hopefully as a community college or university lecturer.

Q.) Do you have pets?

A.) This was answered on 6/16/14.