The value of collections in the undergraduate recruitment Research Library in recruiting

The value of collections in the
undergraduate recruitment
process: The role of the Cadbury
Research Library in recruiting
Liberal Arts students
Sue Worrall, Director of Special Collections
Cadbury Research Library, University of
Conception and Development
‘Explore new perspectives
Liberal Arts and Sciences offers an innovative programme of study
across four years. With a year abroad at one of our partner
universities and a wide range of options to explore your interests
across the arts and sciences, this new programme will enable you to
influence and lead our rapidly evolving world. ‘
Objectives for the sessions from
the tutors view point
• To engage the students in an
activity perceived as fun
compared to formal interviews
• To show off the amazing
cultural assets of the
University as a major selling
point to his potential market
of students interested in a
Liberal education
• To find a relaxed environment
in which the students could be
encouraged to demonstrate a
range of transferable skills
including listening,
interpersonal communication
and team working.
Running the Sessions
• Broken down into 8 separate
sessions over 4 month period,
1 hour in length with an
average of 6 students in each
• Treated students as informed
learners on an equal level with
• Mix of items including
archives, rare books and
artefacts used was crucial
Running the Sessions
• Think about the origins of
the items, why they were
made in that way
• Who had created them
and for what purpose
• What purposes might
they have been used
which was unintentional
in their original creation
• Use for current
• Appreciate multilayered
network of connections
• Engage on an emotional
level with the items and
express this engagement.
Running the Sessions
• Working in small groups
discussing and feeding back
on their most significant item
• Explain the reasons for their
• Many groups created linkages
between the items and
historical and current events
• High level of student
interaction with each other
and with session leaders
• Really interesting exchange of
Lessons Learnt and Future Planning
• Positive feedback from tutors
and students
• Course Director believed
session was key to his work –
it fulfilled his aims
• Valuable role for OBL is
contributing towards student
recruitment process across a
variety of disciplines
• For Library creates early
relationship with student and
demonstrates our value to the