Boston College Graduate Student Association I.

Boston College Graduate Student Association
Senate Meeting – Friday, October 18, 2013
Call Meeting To Order, Roll Call; Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting
In attendance:
KGSA Presentation
GSA … Billy Duffey, Kelly Cocco, Emily Halstead
OGSL (Advisor) … Darrell Peterson
AHANA … Chris Espinoza
GEA … Liz Parolski
GPA … Emilie Dubois
Graduate Nursing Association … Julie
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Departments … Darrick Harris
Graduate School of Social Work Collective … Holly Phipps
School of Theology and Ministry … Absent
GMA … Mike Kemp
GISA … Absent
KGSA Representatives – Sangmi Jeon and Minjun Kook
Representatives provided Senate with information about the KGSA and the reasons for wanting to
register as an official student organization. They also talked about anticipated events throughout the
year, including community service, cultural events, and guest speakers.
The Senate then held brief discussion and reached consensus of recommending to the OGSL that the
KGSA become an official organization.
Executive Board Updates
Director of Advocacy & Outreach – Billy Duffey
 Provost Search Committee Update:
o Billy has been appointed by Father Leahy to this committee and will keep the group updated on
progress. Please offer Billy any input you might have from the graduate student community.
 Provost Advisory Council Update
o Billy attended a meeting recently for this Advisory Council. They have been discussing e-learning, so
feel free to contact Billy with any input or ideas you have on that topic. The Council has also been
discussing the issue of sexual assault.
 Graduate Student Family Policy Initiative
o Students have been reaching out to Billy to discuss the fact that BC does not currently have a Family
Leave Policy for graduate students; it is intended to protect PhD students who need to take time off
when they have children, and to establish a resource for those who need help with childcare. Billy
worked with those students to draft a policy that was handed in yesterday for Associate Deans to
 Graduate Student Insurance
o Currently working on ongoing initiative on this topic.
 Academic Integrity Policy Initiative
Associate Deans are currently discussing and working on this. Updates to come as they’re made
Director of Programming - Emily Halstead
o Upcoming GSA Programs:
 Grad Orchard Outing, 10/20
 Spark Series "Happiness: TBD," 10/30 at 1 PM
 Day of Graditude, 11/5 12 PM - 2 PM
 Spark Series "Motivation & Finding Flow," 11/14 at 1 PM
 De-Stress Express, 12/9-12/13
o How to get involved:
 Co-Sponsoring (Especially the De-Stress Express! Another upcoming opportunity is the
hockey game 2/7)
 Marketing our events
 Recommending Spark Series presenters
Director of Finances – Kelly Cocco
 Budget Update
 Financial Policies Audit & Revisions
o Kelly is focusing on writing policies that can help the GSA in remaining financially stable and
working with students and student orgs in a sustainable manner. If you have any concerns
or suggestions, please reach out to her.
Office of Graduate Student Life Report – Darrell Peterson
 November 1st there will be a one day drive-in conference focusing on anyone working with graduate
student mental health issues. The cost is $25, and it is 9am-4pm. Contact Darrell if you are
interested in attending.
 If you hear about any issues, questions, or concerns from students, please let GSA and GSL know so
that we can respond to student needs.
Senator Reports
Graduate AHANA
 Orchard Outing is this weekend.
 For November, hoping to get individual AHANA grad groups together to do a festival.
Graduate Education Association (GEA)
 Service and Diversity is planning an MFA trip to look at a photo series about women.
 Student Life Committee is debating a few events.
 Academic Committee is looking to do something to help students who attend
 Possibly another tailgate.
Graduate Nursing Association (GNA)
Recently elected new members to board.
Our board is currently planning professional and academic development, community service, and
social events for this semester and next semester. Our goal is to offer at least one event each
month in addition to monthly meetings. In Oct. we had a volunteer event at the Oral Cancer walk
where students provided blood pressure screenings. Coming up in Nov, we have the VTech
tailgate with the CSOM students on Nov. 2 and a dinner/ Harpoon brewery tour on Nov. 15th.
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Departments (GSAS)
 Ratified Constitution, holding E-board elections next Thursday.
 Had first meeting of Council, which includes representatives from each program.
 Students have expressed a need for shared space such as a lounge.
Graduate Management Association (GMA)
 First years finished their first quarter today, so celebrating them with a party tonight.
 Planning for Gala that’s happening in January or February
 Thirsty Thursdays continue—if anyone wants to do a joint one, contact GMA
Graduate Pride Alliance (GPA)
 Have had a two executive committee meetings since last Senate.
 Just revamped Facebook group, and would love input or assistance.
 Also had a meet-and-greet social event, as well as an event during National Coming Out
Week. Later today will announce a flash sale of gala tickets.
Graduate School of Social Work Collective (GSSW Collective)
 Just approved a new student group “Global Forum on Social Issues”
 Spectrum group sponsored multiple events for National Coming Out week
 Social committee did tailgate with GMA
 Self-Care Health Fair coming up
Other: Billy is going to work on getting out a contact list for each group.