General Ed Council Meeting Minutes May 07, 2009

General Ed Council Meeting
May 07, 2009
Attending: Phyllis Rippey, John Miller, David Casagrande, Amy Brock, David Haugen, John
Hemingway, William Thompson, Doug Huff, Diane Sandige, Cynthia Struthers, Sean Cordes
Meeting called to order at 3:31
Phyllis: Introduces new members. Discusses recent Faculty Senate discussions, in particular
regarding the “retroactivity” of the Fine Arts / Humanities proposal–which the Senate passed
(this is the 1, 1, and your choice option). Phyllis will be writing the final report that will go
forward over the summer. She will put together a packet of information for the incoming chair
regarding how to run the committee.
Amy Brock: Nominates Steve Bennet for chair.
Bill Thompson: Seconds.
Phyllis: No other nominations? None? That means that Steve will be the next chair. Any other
Phyllis: Has old committee memebers introduce themselves.
Meeting adjourned at 3:40 pm