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Stages of Achieving Vision
Plumber - Household Plumbing Expert
“I often get called in for clogged pipes. I also have installed water filtration systems, but with the
shit that’s been going around, like Ebola, people are scared and more likely to get something like that.”
Mario Gentile
Founder of SHIFT_DESIGN - Sustainable Business Expert
“Sustainability is second. Not second to us but, to the customer, it’s an added bonus that the
product is locally made from recycled material. People care about they directly interact with.”
Max Zanhiser
Head of Sustainability in the Built Environment Minor - Sustainability Expert
“Ultimately all of that stuff (green tech) matters because of its effects on life and we need to look
directly at that also, and a lot of green buildings never do that.”
There is a Global Water Crisis.
The Water Crisis affects us all.
We can help alleviate it.
Chris Bellona
Civil Engineer - Grey Water Recycling Expert
“Water treatment plants are not designed to remove most wastewater derived contaminants and
one could argue that indirect potable reuse is more responsible because the advanced
treatment systems are designed to remove harmful contaminants.”
Smart Faucet
User Interface
Small Water Cistern
Water Direction Box
Large Cistern
Rainwater Infuser
We, at Tern, believe
that every human being
has the right to clean and
sustainable water.
We believe in a future
in which households are
no longer consumers, but
producers through the
installation of modular
products and systems.
Water Condenser
Hydroelectric Generator
Steam Power
The Need for Sustainable Water
Andrew Chan
Homeowner - Former Reverse Osmosis User
The global water supply is limited, but demand is rapidly growing.
About 95 percent of the water entering our homes goes down the drain.
By 2050, 1.4 billion people will not have access to sanitation due to water
Water consumption is so great in the US, the Colorado River no longer
reaches the Pacific Ocean & the Hoover Dam will no longer produce
electricity by 2016.
California has one year of water left and no contingency plan.
“The ones I really want (new reverse osmosis systems) cost in the high hundreds and thousands.
It’s just not worth it right now especially since Philly tap water is so good.”
Jerry & Anne Milburn
Homeowners - Efficiency Concerned Users
“Efficiency in terms of everyday operation and how long it lasts are priorities for any purchase.”
Maxime Davis
Renter - Water Crisis Activist
“I think people have such misconceptions about how our water system works that the idea of
reusing water is really bizarre to them.”
The average water bill increases 5.5% every year.
Even drinking water quality in developed countries is not assured. In France,
drinking water testing uncovered that 3 million people were drinking water
whose quality did not meet WHO standards.
The Tern Nexus
Joseph White
Renter - Heavy Water Bottle User
“We use bottled water. We use bottled water for generally everything besides cooking. We
purchase about six gallons of bottled water per week. We feel a bit safer with the bottled water.”
Interaction Testing
The Smart Faucet