• Less than 3% of all water on earth is fresh water

• Only a small portion (0,3%) of this is accessible through rivers or dams

• Freshwater consumption has risen at a rate double that of population growth

• It is an increasingly scarce commodity for industrial, commercial and domestic users alike



More people have cellphones than toilets

Access for all

The poorest must be able to have access to water, but enough money must be generated to cover costs of treating and distributing the water

You have the right to water that is affordable, economical and sustainable

Access for all

Every household should receive 6 kilolitres of free water per month within 200 meters of their home – that is

25 litres per person per month

Why do we need water?

cooking shower bathing washing dishes industry agriculture cleaning toilets swimming gardening electricity brushing teeth drinking and more…

The Bigger Picture

Renewable Water Resources per Person in Africa

Water Conservation

You are not allowed to water your garden between 10 am and 4 pm

Water footprint

The total volume of fresh water that is used, either directly (actual) or indirectly

(virtual) to produce a product.

Cup of coffee

(250 ml)

Slab of chocolate


Cotton t-shirt


Pair of jeans



Water in our homes

Saving water in the home:

• Shower rather than bath

• Rainwater harvesting or grey water use

• Install aerators

• Borehole and well points

• Read your water meter

Bottled water cost

Bottled water resources

1 litre = 26 litres

Bottled water waste

Bottled water waste

450 years

Smart Living

“ We cannot solve problems using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein


It takes 10 litres of water to make an

A4 sheet of paper.

The challenge:

What are you going to do differently?