SP212‐Spring‐2016  CH‐32 Assignment 

SP212‐Spring‐2016 CH‐32 Assignment First do the following Wiley‐Plus assignment: Assignment #32 After completing the Wiley‐Plus, in your homework notebook, complete the following problems: CH32 Questions # 1, 2, and 3 CH32 Problems # 13 and 24. To check your work, the answers to the odd problems are in the back of the book. The answers to the even problems are:. #24) (a) |id| = 2.1 x 10‐8 A (b) Down (c) Clockwise Homework Then complete the attached worksheets: (Note: the above problems were designed to ensure you have the skills to solve the worksheet problems. It is imperative to your learning of the problem solving technique to do the above problems BEFORE attempting the worksheet problems. You are graded on both! Homework notebooks are graded.) CH‐32‐1: For each of the equations below, 1) State what each term is in your own words … 2) What the units of each term are… 3) What is the general use of that equation in your own words? A. ∮
B. ∮
C. ∮
D. ∮
CH‐32‐2: Concerning Maxwell’s equations: A) Which one of Maxwell’s equations implies the non‐existence of magnetic monopoles? (write the equation itself, not the name) Explain every term in the equation and state its units. B) In words, explain how Maxwell’s equations imply the existence of electromagnetic radiation: CH‐32‐3: The below graph is a graph of the magnetic flux vs. time as a coil is spun at rate of 0.25 rad/s through a constant magnetic field.  B  2 sin(t )
Plot the emf induced versus time 0 t Explain (including which one of Maxwell’s equations you used): CH‐32‐4: At a given instant, there is a 2.0 A current in the wires connected to a parallel plate capacitor. The plates are circular with an area of 0.50 m2. At the middle of the space between the plates, what is the magnitude of the rate at which the electric field is changing? Show all work: CH‐32‐5: An electric field of magnitude 200 V/m and directed into the page is confined to a circular area of radius 0.2 m. The field is increasing at a rate of 15 V/(m‐s). What is the displacement current (magnitude and direction) associated with the electric field? Show all work: