SP212‐Spring‐2016  CH‐29 Assignment 

SP212‐Spring‐2016 CH‐29 Assignment First do the following Wiley‐Plus assignment: Assignment #29a After completing the Wiley‐Plus, in your homework notebook, complete the following problems: CH29 Questions # 1, 4, and 6. CH29 Problems # 7, 10, 29, and 45. To check your work, the answers to the odd problems are in the back of the book. The answers to the even problems are:. #10) a) B  1.18 107T b) By RHR, Into Page Homework Then complete the attached worksheets: (Note: the above problems were designed to ensure you have the skills to solve the worksheet problems. It is imperative to your learning of the problem solving technique to do the above problems BEFORE attempting the worksheet problems. You are graded on both! Homework notebooks are graded.) CH‐29‐A‐1: For each of the equations below, 1) State what each term is in your own words … 2) What the units of each term are… 3) What is the general use of that equation in your own words?   ids  rˆ
dB  0
4 r 2
B. B 
2 R
C. B 
4 R
D. FB 
0 Liaib
2 d
AntiparallelCurrents_________________. E.
F. Describehowtodotherighthandruleassociatedwiththe
CH‐29‐A‐2: A wire is formed into the shape of two half circles connected by equal‐length straight sections as shown. There is a clockwise current of 10.0 A in the circuit. If the radii are 0.10 m and 0.20 m, what is the magnetic field (magnitude and direction) at the center of the circles, C? Show all work CH‐29‐A‐3: In the figure below, two very long straight wires are separated by a distance of 18 cm and carry currents of i1=2.91 A and i2 = 10.19A, where both currents are out of the page. a.
Where on the x‐axis is the net magnetic field equal to zero? Show all work b.
If instead current two is into the page, what is the new location of the zero‐field point? Show all work CH‐29‐A‐4: In the figure below, four very long straight wires are perpendicular to the page, and their cross sections from a square of edge length a=6.68 cm. Each wire carries 16.6 A, and all currents are out of the page. In unit‐vector notation, what is the net‐magnetic force per unit meter of wire length on wire 1? Show all work (including vector diagrams):