INSTITUTION: Australian Wax Company, 145 Osborne Avenue, Clayton South, 3169
RESEARCH FOCUS: To review current chemical formulae and analyse the ability to use raw materials
more in line with industry and social values, and to develop a direction for use of more natural and sustainable
raw materials. Then demonstrate and monitor effectiveness.
The Australian Wax Company (AWC) has been in business for over 21 years and is one of, if not the major
manufacturer for the range of goods in the wax scientific field. The main thrust of the company is the
manufacturing of a range of formulated products made from raw material waxes, and other chemical products.
The types of products manufactured vary from sports waxes, to medical waxes, food waxes, engineering
waxes, modelling/casting waxes, beauty waxes, timber waxes, custom built waxes and candle products.
All products are Australian made at the company’s Clayton South facility, from formulae developed over many
years. The company is looking to re-assess the formulae and re-engineer products in light of the new research
focus (see above). The company has expectations that it can develop and learn from student interaction, whilst
at the same time offering experience for the student into the workings of a manufacturing facility, under
pressure from environmental, financial and multi-national suppliers. Thus, the current focus on the formulation
of new products (Ref.
The aim of this project is to analyse current wax product formulae and establish suitable raw material alternatives
(stearic acids), with consideration for industry and social standards, environmentally responsible procedures, and
cost efficiency. The successful candidate will analyse the established historical formulations currently in use,
with a view to making changes to meet the outlined standards, whilst maintaining a high respect of
environmental and financial constraints. It is expected that alternative products would be identified and their
effectiveness demonstrated.
The project would suit a student with a chemistry academic background, who is highly driven and focused. The
ideal student will have an interest in the chemistry of waxes. The placement is based in the AWC building in
Clayton South, and can be undertaken on either a full-time or part-time basis (maximum total placement time of
80 hours). Placement start time is flexible, and an allowance of $40 per 8-hour day (payable by AWC) to cover
costs will be available to the successful candidate. Applications will be accepted up to May 28th, 2015.
Successful completion of the placement confers eligibility for the Monash INV1000 Passport unit.
Version date: 2 October 2013
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Eligibility Criteria
To be selected for the Science Industry Placement Program, you need to meet the following criteria:
Be currently enrolled in a Faculty of Science course, must have completed at least 48 credit points and have no more
than 48 credit points remaining in the course; and
Demonstrate a preparedness and capacity to complete a minimum of 30 hours or a maximum of 80 hours placement at
an industry partner organisation without compromising their other science studies;
Demonstrate work readiness (i.e. we are looking for evidence of personal qualities which equip you to function
appropriately and autonomously in a professional work environment).
Selection Criteria
The selection criteria are the ‘best fit’ match between your enrolled course, units you have completed, interest and experience
with the particular project requirements. The industry partner has the final decision. Applicants who are closer to completing
their course will be given priority if they meet the 'best fit' match. Please visit the projects section to view the projects
available. The webpage will be updated as project proposals are submitted by the industry partners.
The information on this form is collected for the primary purpose of applying for the Science Industry Placement Program
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I am enrolled in a course belonging to the Faculty of Science and have completed at least
48 credit points and will have no more than 48 credit points remaining to complete
I can commit to completion of a minimum of 30 hours or a maximum of 80 hours as
required by the industry partner without compromising my studies
I have addressed the selection criteria including my suitability and match to the agency/ies
and the project/s offered by those agencies in my cover letter
I understand that no salary will be paid for the industry placement and Monash University
holds no responsibility for any allowance agreement between the industry partner and the
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That I meet all of the eligibility criteria for the Science Industry Placement Program.
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That information provided by me in this form, my curriculum vitae and academic transcript may be
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