Data Resources

Data Resources
Kids Count
 WV Health Profile
 County health data
 Specific data related to key indicators of child health
WV Health Statistics Center
 Vital statistics
 County health data
 Youth Tobacco Survey results
 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance results
County Health Rankings
 Health factors and health outcomes by county
 Vital statistics
 Physical environment factors
 Socioeconomic factors
 Availability of clinical care
Youth Risk Behavior Survey
 Prevalence of risk factors and behaviors amongst youth
Data Portal 21
See school administrator for obtaining data
 School and student success data
 Identification of strengths and weaknesses
 Monthly indicators (attendance, dropouts, behavior, etc)
 Comparison of data amongst subgroups or by time period
County Crime Rates
 WV State Police Uniform Crime Rates
 Year-by-year reports by county
Teen Pregnancy Rates
 Yearly county reports
Substance Abuse Statistics
 National Survey on Drug Use and Health report for WV
Health Education Assessment
 Results of HEAP assessment based on physical activity, growth and development, alcohol and other drugs,
and tobacco
What do students know? How can we improve health education efforts?
 Results of school-based fitness assessment