Reading Strategy for Non-fiction Text

Reading Strategy for Non-fiction Text
Draw a box around the title and read it.
 Along the left side of the paper, trace the edge of
the writing, going in and out with the paragraph
Number each paragraph.
 Read the paragraphs, circling a FEW key words in
 At the end of each paragraph STOP and THINK
about the information contained in that paragraph.
 After all the paragraphs have been read, use the
circled key words from paragraph 1 to write a onesentence summary of that paragraph.
 Continue creating one-sentence summaries of the
remaining paragraphs.
 The result will be a concise summary of the
information contained in the complete selection.
 The teacher should MODEL this strategy several
times before students are expected to do it on their
Activity adapted from Ruby Payne's Framework for Understanding Poverty.