MSP Presentation Day

MSP Presentation Day
Congratulations on becoming a 2016 Math Science Partnerships grant contender! Here are a few
helpful hints and suggestions to make your presentation day enjoyable and successful.
1. Bring your team. Your team includes the people who are involved in the processes associated
with the various components of your proposal. You are committed to this project, and the unity
of others sends the message that many others are as well. This is also a strong indicator that the
project will be successful.
2. During your presentation, be sure to include some key components the reviewers will be looking
to see:
a. a. Explain each team member’s role in the project. Have them tell their story and why
they are choosing to be involved in this project. What are they contributing? How does
their expertise enhance the project?
b. Make your presentation tell the story that your written proposal doesn’t. Feel free to
use digital slides to convey your purpose. Visual images are important to the grant
reviewers. It makes the presentation flow, and it gives power behind the words in your
c. Explain clearly the need your project addresses. Use graphs, charts, and data that are
available to communicate the need your project addresses.
d. Be very specific about how you intend to monitor and report the study that will
accompany your project. How you report and evaluate your success is critical to future
funding. Even if your project takes on a life of its own and doesn’t exactly come to life
the way you envisioned, reporting the journey gives you and your team “lessons
learned” which are crucial to future success and planning.
e. Clearly articulate the budget and how it will be spent in each of the three years. You
only had to submit the budget for year one, but it is good to have a plan for years two
and three. Let the review committee know what you intend to do with your grant as
you move forward in the project.
f. Communicate the sustainability of the project after the grant has ended. Will the
money and time invested in this project lead to scaling the project to other districts?
Will the project outcomes benefit other teachers, or just the group involved in the
g. Describe the demographic of the population your project addresses. How is that
particular group going to be influenced, inspired, and transformed by the project?
Does your project have the potential to add to endorsements or other credentials to the resume of
educators? Be prepared to answer questions from the review panel.
We look forward to seeing you on your presentation date. We will provide a computer, data
projector, and light refreshments for your team. Relax! You are among friends and colleagues. We
all have the same goal: making math and science education for students engaging and meaningful
by having well educated, prepared teachers who LOVE what they do.